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Westalee Design 12″ Arc Ruler. This is not a problem if you hold the template steady. This foot is like a hopping foot used on longarm machines and is designed to be used with shaped, acrylic templates for free motion, decorative quilting designs. For more information about ruler feet visit our FAQ's page. Be the first to leave a comment, Australia: (02) 69 20 2238 International: +61 269 20 2238, Westalee Rulers and Templates for Domestic Sewing Machine Ruler Foot Quilting, High Shank, Low Shank, Medium, Special High Shank, Customers who bought this product also bought, Purses & Bags - Patterns, Hardware and Readymade, Sewing Machine / Serger Accessories & CDs, Stabilizers, Interfacings and Battings/Waddings, #Ruler,foot,westalee,design,rulers,quilting, Superior Titanium-Coated Topstitch Needles. You will then push/manoeuvre the template and quilt around the ruler foot to create your line of quilting. Happy Holiday's Ruler Work Event with Sew Steady! The Westalee Ruler Foot is a true 1/2" round foot enabling you to stitch with the guidance of a template all around the foot. Sew Steady are the top manufacturing company for the famous acrylic tables we all love and also the manufacturers of top quality ruler templates for quilting -- August 2019 they finalized the purchase of Westalee Designs an exciting new journey for this company. Or Leonie can be found demonstrating at many of the craft shows around Australia. There is a wide variety of templates available and they all work in the same general way. Exciting News! We are happy to make a special order for different thicknesses when desired from Westalee. Additional info on choosing the proper foot is found on our FAQs page. Once you’re comfortable with the foot for general free-motion quilting, try a Westalee quilting template. While you’re honing your skills, try matching your quilting thread to your fabrics — this will “camouflage” your stitches while you’re getting accustomed to the foot and templates. I recommend that you use an extension table for your sewing machine. Domestic Quilting Ruler Foot allows you to free motion quilt on any domestic sewing machine. High Shank Special Foot: I also found it necessary to raise the foot slightly when working on a heavily pieced sample as the foot just needs to float over the surface, and not push around and bunch up the extra thickness of the top fabric. The 12" arc/straight template is a ruler work quilter's friend. This circle-based template from Westalee features a convex curve based upon the curve of a 12 inch diameter circle and a straight edge on the other side. I use my ruler foot for all of my quilting including free motion work. The length will vary. (I would strongly recommend the addition of some Stable Tape, an adhesive rubber grip strip that can be cut into smaller pieces and stuck on the underside of the quilting template to stop it moving while you are quilting.). The foot features a semi-circular cut out at the front for better visibility. Your card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship. $13.89 $ 13. Watching your videos to learn technique. [youtube]. Price: $ 48.00. 4.7 out of 5 stars 25. Westalee has excellent video tutorials available for all of the quilting templates to demonstrate how to use each design. We recommend you contact your Bernina dealer for it. If you have a Bernina machine with the stitch regulator (BSR), you will not be able to engage it with this foot on the machine as BSR requires the true Bernina foot to be used and plugged in. US Only: 1-800-837-3261 Thicker rulers are easier to grip and keep in the proper place. This set comes with instructions, the ruler foot, 'stable tape' and a great template with a curve on one side and a straight side. Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter! Creative Expression Pro, Creative Sensation, Creative Vision, Creative Performance, Creative 4.5, 4.0, 3.0, 2.0, Performance 5, Quilt Expression 4.2, 4.0, Expression 3.5, 3.2, 3.0, 2.0, Expression 150 – these all require a MEDIUM Shank fitting and will take the Low Shank Templates. Long Arm Templates (no Westalee Design Foot available*) - APQS, Bailey, Gammill, HandiQuilter, Tin Lizzie, other brands. View a YouTube video, This Ruler Foot is not suitable for any Slant Shank Machines but one is now available to suit -. Lots to learn! Should you have any reason to return goods, such as damaged in transit, you must contact us first giving full particulars. One half inch in diameter, this round, 1/4 inch high foot fits nearly all sewing machines and the screw attachment point is adjustable for the thickness of your project. The Westalee Ruler Foot has a perfect 1/2" circle so that you may use your ruler from all sides and you may work both inside and outside templates, with no flat spot in your quilting caused by the cutout at the front of the foot. All rights reserved. There is a small hole located on the inner section of the template that is placed over the pin. The stable tape is an aid to reduce ruler slip and helps grip your quilt top. Westalee Design Ruler Foot Echo Guide Set of 3. $13.89 $ 13. ONE template is included with the Ruler Foot to introduce you to the technique, as shown! © 2002 - 2020 Punch with Judy. You can stitch in the ditch with the ruler foot using the straight-edge ruler. The ruler foot runs along the thickness of the edge of the quilting template. Copyright © Wonderwall 2016. It’s just like saying that I find some freehand designs easier to free-motion than others and need more practice to get them right. Some designs, such as Spin-e-fex Feathers, require you to start and stop at different points. Reference lines are required to be drawn for some designs and they are critical to ensure that the start and finish of the design meet up correctly. Feathers require a spine to be quilted first, then the individual feathers stitched down the spine. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about coupons, events, and giveaways. US Only: 1-800-837-3261 If your machine's brand has a ruler foot available, we recommend using it, especially when it comes to Janome and Bernina machines as these are more easily adjusted for height. The Ruler Foot will fit most domestic sewing machines as it is available as a Low Shank or High Shank but also has a variable height adjuster to be compatible with many "in-between" fitting machines. they are the company that invented Rulers for Rulerwork allowing Domestic machine users to Quilt with Rulers. I would suggest preparing a practice piece of quilt sandwich to play on. There are no comments yet. MIXED TEMPLATE SETS INSTRUCTIONS / BOOKS PERFECT FOR A CLASS, CROSSHAIR SQUARES - OUTER RIM TOOL FOR ALL QUILT DESIGNS, SPIN AN ECHO -SPINNING WHEEL -STRAND OF PEARLS, TEACHER KATE QUINN WESTALEE FabriKated Quilts, ** NEW FABRIC ARRIVAL NOVEMBER -DECEMBER, *PRE-CUTS 10"-SQ.5" SQ. Included with the Westalee Sew Steady Ruler Foot Starter Package Low Shank: Low Shank Ruler Foot; Arc Template; … Includes a 1/8" Ruler for straight and curved cross hatching. Great set for ruler work. Note:  As usual, Bernina Sewing Machines will require the. These rulers went on to be featured on the ABC’s New Inventors in that year and won the Grand Final People’s Choice Award. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. This opens up the possibility of creating a wide variety of quilting designs that are normally reserved for the longarm machine quilters.

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