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soju alcohol content

Soju is sometimes compared to vodka, but it has a lower alcohol content (usually hovering in the 20 to 24 percent ABV range). It is taken directly with food, or it can also be mixed to make cocktails. “‘Anju,’ which means food that is specifically made to be consumed with alcohol.”. The flavoured soju is made with softer tastes such as acorn and hazelnut. It’s traditionally consumed straight with food, but also mixes into cocktails. Bars and pubs are definite choices to enjoy the drink in South Korea. Tokki: A premium rice soju made in Brooklyn using the traditional method. We need this information in order to create your account. You simply take a shot glass of soju and drop it into a pint of beer. Regions Outside of California You Need to Know, Soju: Everything You Need to Know About Korea’s National Drink | VinePair,, Why Is Liquor Called ‘Spirits’? Ryan Reynolds’ liquor brand is donating part of its proceeds to out-of-work bartenders, Costco’s vodka martini freeze pops are back to help get you through summer, This Scottish national park is getting its own whisky distillery. In the 13th century, Mongol invaders arrived in what is now Andong, South Korea, (at the time the kingdom was known as Goryeo) with more than their horses and a conquering spirit. You take that shot glass with two hands, turn your face to the side so you aren’t looking at the individual who gave you the glass and shoot it. Like wine, soju is intended to be overwhelmed with food, and the other way as well. Conventionally, it was made from distilling and fermenting rice. In addition to drinking it with food, the way it’s traditionally served is also important. It tastes more like you're actually drinking a pretty strong drink. ), consume with friends, be aware of and hold up drinking etiquette, don’t drink too much - and enjoy! They banned the use of rice during this period to alleviate rice shortages. What is Soju As a big part of traditional Korean culture, this Korean alcohol remains to be a big part of life in both South Korea and North Korea. Does Soju alcohol have the potential to take over beer and wine? She’s found one of the biggest ways people stateside are using soju is in lower-alcohol cocktails. Pyongyang Review of Books: Pyongyang 2049, Take a Ride on the North Korean Train State Railway, 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bhutan: Bhutan Travel Why & How. You can sip it if you want, but shooting it is more common. High end and craft sojus are appearing for connoisseurs, between 25 and 40% or more. South Korea is quite big on the following customs. Copyright © 2020 About Us| Terms of Use Of course, most sojus have higher alcohol than beer and wine, but they are not as high as hard liquor. You can find this iconic Korean drink in traditional alcohol bars, and they serve many other Korean liquors like Takju, Makgeolli, and Cheongju. The time will come.”. Check out: A Complete Guide to Nightlife in Seoul, South Korea. During the Korean War and after (from the 1960s), the shortages led to the government banning the use of rice to make liquor. It’s from Korea, and is mostly consumed in Korea, Japan, and China. You won't find such sweet flavours in North Korea, and the soju has a stronger taste. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Carolyn Kim, a Korean-American lawyer working for a nonprofit, founded Yobo with absolutely no background in distilling or spirits. Soju is clear-hued and soju alcohol content regularly differs from 10% to 25%. Required fields are marked *. A Brief overview of Vanuatu, a country you probably have never heard of, Plausible and merely coincidental Korean influences in Blade Runner 2049, A Tale of Two Mongolias | Inner Mongolia and Outer Mongolia, [email protected] | + 86 10 6416 7544Room A409, Jucai Building. Drink this Korean alcohol from small shot size glasses. This makes it far more drinkable over an extended period of time, such as a dinner party. Add These Iconic Filming Locations in your South Korea Travel Itinerary. This makes it far more drinkable over an extended period of time, such as a dinner party. Sake is brewed, not distilled (and by the way, it should not be called a “rice wine” either; wine requires grapes or at the very least fermented fruit juice). Just like wine, it is traditionally consumed with food. Traditionally, soju alcohol is made from rice, wheat or barley. Bits of the cork would crumble into the drink, so you’d have to shake the bottle to get the sediment to rise to the top. Packaging of the soju bottle can differ in terms of alcohol as low as 16 percent and as high as 53 percent. Modified soju drink can be a progressively charming tasting soul that you can take all through supper without overdrinking. After the main drink, glasses are filled again at whatever point they’re finished with the left one, and individuals pass the Soju bottle around the table. Men with moustaches are evil; men with chin beards always seem like they’re imparting folksy wisdom.

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