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nature of services pdf

*�G�{��I�N�'��F�׻�v�����>�y]&v�*�����*�C�6��C��w�r���y���B.�k�����6�4���a�z�Z���+�"�D��m����q����ܛ���xk�5�iݘ�h��>j��/���ϛm9�v��(}+�J��JY�9d|�s��I��I2����NH6�C�y�$��?ohEo�767��|�7\oͨ n���B�z���G�viq�F��3�0����&��R���{������F?~Uѳ��1"˶�%a˰�Z��i�V����$���鯖�Hc�-[��l�o�&V�l���F�v��g� >> However, the nature of a particular service business may dictate a need to place much greater emphasis on certain marketing elements, which in turn could lead to different marketing approaches. ����4�L�쐃L�B�h�K�ju�?������+>3�D@D�� PDF | Life itself as well as the entire human economy depends on goods and services provided by earth's natural systems. >> When buying a produc, the customer s able to see it, feel t, and test its performance before purchase. 10 0 obj Terms of service • Privacy policy • Editorial independence, Get unlimited access to books, videos, and. << So far, much of what has been said could be equally applicable to either a product or a service. >> For service they have to rely on the reputation ; the nature of services 1. Exercise your consumer rights by contacting us at >> /Type /OCMD >> ��7gzsܛ3�nv������b��[4���n]�J���E © 2020, O’Reilly Media, Inc. All trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on are the property of their respective owners. U�:&����d��R���3��>��L9��TpV¬�et�cֹ�����Q�H]�Q�zG���;�[](�4�vGB�7�7X0����>3��f7�#h(f7Z�O��i����l�E�1_URO��F[]z����U����^��"���=�Q�ۚ`d�L߀� �_�ز!wZ��lvF3N����{4�F�������C��FĜe�F���4ńSz�{b�hF�ޮg�a�6f ��^���/�O�!-;ѽ�}=��T��l��\O@�Y��\5b���-�j��F�3-3�[��R3>"�G��F� ����R-�M� W�aE�X�Xֵ�o��Υk�넃�_�p�'nyu���M~\�G�%����-[�IQ��Z�l�Y��?h��1�f��d�A��F,���w�X1@�(ӻ#��Ѡ�}QC����Rd�Wydz)R��q�_��h��n.��v�_�a��� �D�OH+���l_dsΎ�bKS*��y��lt�aQ�mb5�����#E�%ylQ?�q(͋}D��D�_;�3Gv���Lx��r ���z+�H'�i�@��f:Y��m��E��;)_Qm�OP9f)�^���M�ۿ/�r\F_0�3ԫ�F�߄�qnw��9�;"��(��I�w�I,��y��>^C�*��|OB��IG�\���w�K cv| �u�8���T�ƭ�=u��)��wQ�sU������4���Qk�Y��ٻ��e��b�f?+9%��up��W��m�NΧC칹����m�~��*;�/G� /Type /ExtGState /Length1 11372 �)Ӵ��b�H�M� p@� Nature, characteristics AndClassification of services 2. Nature, characteristics of services 1. Sync all your devices and never lose your place. %PDF-1.4 B�f��XD�DH���J@5��:̶Uv;%��b�Б A� Uz�)����oeD4.L�v :ƆD�ё*���H\Hh(#��RtR�R��RFł�!��0% /OP false 4 0 obj << ���%�5��h/:���IaMt�@��k�`�/��� .¥���!��۱7�~gq'V�� ֛�\C��r��#ߓ��yH!ʜZBi�\j7��:O����z'}���`� zʖ�c�J�zΜ��J�M�G�1����d5*G�AG��`��%fb±����R��WX� ރ���p_�7��p��^�2y��H�"q$�l%��v�"�HN����x�-([ʞG)� @��ZI��R-�U��͒�C�ѱt"��Fߦ��N�b��]@��1����n����bˎdg�k�z��v�/9{΁sH99�ⲹ|nw��cv�}>,{�Bt�"��䄯B4,����r�Xr���(hǩ���u�K����6G-Bٌ����F�K��T:�vs������݌;��ORG�� �$�J%Uhp���jY�ϔ�B�"u@��3qԆE���P3^��r�LC������ˤ9D�Z��e��7�:;e�\��%m���U8�c��Ǖ Today, Service Firms are becoming highly competitive, so, it is essential for service firms to provide high quality services for their survival. /Subtype /HF endobj !��� /SM 0.02 ��]�{��x ��yp�/�S�9�0� ��l�h:/�!/ yQ��Q�؅HB(���\���O��`���S ٽ�����\��(����J�(�%�_ɥ��^%����*����NUS?�nR7�nu�Z��Q]�j�Ju���PeURqF���������B�ƒ��=z�9w?d��vf� Sx��m�����Qd�c�9����X��q���(�����^V 5 0 obj 1. /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 6590 ��,���:]��=6�6�M�ޥ�m%�.J���sXS�������[!O��� ����B�yY�B�rJH��n!]Bڅ��r��V! 뮂hT���`x/h�eyduA>K$� ���R#h��W\�j���bA�&J F|�Z�i�PmT�j�w�!��׿��o�ޙ3gΜs朙�� �H��T�[���E����Y�T��A�� ၡ� /OCGs 6 0 R �K'��������vVknm���m�v:1����Ԃ���mdD��YZj"5~0�l�x�fm`j,��Ɍ�LgF'굞�ĭku� /op false 11 The Intangibility of Services (I) It refers to the total lack or perception of a service’s characteristics before and (often) after it is performed The term was first used in 1963 (Regan) It is the most radical characteristic of services, where from the others emanate Marketing implications Great marketing skills in tangibilising intangible offerings, i.e., in << << So, is there anything special about services marketing? *���c�� 2ǡ1j1��0���#��v��er��>3�$Dk�^Jm��3�;�n��X<ˢ��O����pH����[nU��l�a�_�kܱȐ.�ʭ��3VՖ_����)�� k���{a�DQ=sfjgo����R���m��̚W@�����fG=��Oc��qi��7��-ѱtzP�B���f�S����'�p�anވ�IC����F)o���\�G�dO��Bh�i��x��ZTK�&4 ��;L;��t"}Z � /SA false 85w4}Dmf28)`*q#���Q� ~���ydjC�P9�Gf��� ��\k%�q%��� �@)�"vp�N}�|�=�D�b�Av��;��{�T�l���s����quq�Ǐ{{��ю���Fڎ��~���BbnƱ .�T��y���@��{ }�$ $ !� 8ӆq��8�8� ?���䕮��k�+߄F�C�J����v�ئ�Ŏt��a�t�P��敆�����_��M�g���wqq ���z�-h�q~�X�R'���T!k�;�Iܦq�P� ��X� �[i�� Inseparability – services are typically produced and consumed at the same time, with customer participation in the process. nature that normally, not necessarily, take place in interactions between the customer and service employees and/or physical resources or goods and/or systems of the service provider, which are provided as solution to customer problems”. We may conclude service as, “an activity or series of activities rather than things which has /Creator (Acrobat PDFMaker 7.0 for Word) /PageElement /CreatorInfo The universality of these characteristics has been increasingly challenged over recent years.1–3 As we comment on shortly, ... Take O’Reilly online learning with you and learn anywhere, anytime on your phone and tablet. /Subtype /Artwork A service can be experienced by the buyer or the receiver. 6 0 obj �M�Aw��H�}ۜr�[ However, the huge diversity of types of service businesses suggests that it is difficult to fit services into a neat definition. �7�2�2i`\ܭ����dxcQF-^/��JA�Cb$-�E�r�&#�tA����G�,�\��^�����$�XX�dw-��;ԅ~�v�W��cK�E]L�遧�!J�����:�y�P��jI9i �B%�~L;k��r� #�(4,��#��A���p�cpފ@�V� xD��\�-�����2Y�.

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