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Using two support cards, he gave "Utopic Future" 4000 ATK, 500 for each "Number" card in Astral's Graveyard, and protected it from being destroyed by battle. [83], At the meeting spot, Astral learned that Tori Meadows could now see him and speculated it was due to the Duel with Vector, believing that means Kite and Shark can see him too. He was quite surprised when he witnessed the kamikaze-like effect of "Number 54: Lion Heart", calling it a reckless strategy. However, Don Thousand warned him if the card is destroyed, the massive amount of energy stored in it will destroy the Earth. After landing an attack on Number 96, Astral was then pushed in a corner when Number 96 unveiled his strategy; whenever Number 96 would take damage, deadly traps would be aimed at Yuma, which could kill him. There are many ways to Kattobingu waiting in this world. Yuma then declared a final direct attack against his partner. He also teased Yuma about being too inexperienced to challenge him. Afterwards, he gets completely possessed and his body changes from white to pitch-black. [92], Later, Astral was inside the Emperor's Key again, musing that he has collected fifty "Number" cards, and was determined to find the other fifty. [38], Although the cards are a part of him, Astral acknowledged the fact they are also sentient beings with minds of their own, such as Number 96, who actively rebelled against him. Federico Zanandrea [95], Vector reveals he was Ray and Yuma hid this knowledge from Astral in an effort to destroy Astral's trust in Yuma. Even after Astral went back to Astral World, Yuma often thinks about him. He listened as Quinton explained that Kite was going to moon to investigate the Legend of the Dragons of Light and Time, which was connected to the Numeron Code. All ZW - act as support cards for " Number 39: Utopia " … ", "The human stomach is as complicated as the human brain. Though it holds no basis and fact, human beliefs in it can drive them to turn their hunch into reality. Astral agreed with his decision, saying they would keep fighting for an answer without sacrificing who they were. When Yuma Dueled Kite, he was surprised that Kite's Dueling skills were even more superior than his. Before disappearing, Astral said farewell and thanked Yuma for everything he done and entrusted the "Numbers" they had collected through their journey together to him. After Mizar targeted Yuma with the Barian Sphere Cube and began a Duel, Astral comes out of the key and Yuma explained to him that Mizar is a Barian and learned the he could see him. ", "People say dogs are a man's best friend. In the dub, this observation came with a "sub-observation" that he labelled #13-A. Once Yuma was inside, they Dueled against it, using their "Numbers" against the Giant's "Unformed Void", and having great trouble. Once Yuma figured out what Astral meant and move to safety, Astral was able to fight without hesitation. If the player did not use the drawn card by the end of this turn, they would automatically lose. [75] When Yuma took Shark's Number, Yuma was in a bind, to help Shark by keeping his "Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss" or help Astral, who will vanish if Yuma lose the Duel. Vector triggered a trap that caused the ruins' destruction and fled with Number 96. Astral told Yuma to destroy "Comet Cestus" with "Lion Heart", hoping to learn something from the battle. He felt incredibly energetic and lively by the taste of the rice balls, stating he wanted to eat "two, or three" more of them, while cheerfully saying that being Yuma has been fun in a rather comedic instance. Although he was impressed, Astral knows that he and Yuma must Duel Shark again now he has "Shark Drake" in his possession. During the Duel, Astral tries to instruct Yuma, but Yuma continues to disobey him. Initially baffled since no one had all the "Numbers" yet, Astral figured out that the Numeron Code was hidden somewhere on Earth and Thousand made the Earth part of the Barian World to obtained the Code's power in the process. Names アストラル Both were briefly consumed by darkness (Chaos and, Both have Dueled against their partner at the end of their series and lost. Fortuno introduces himself as Kite's servant and tells him that Kite would be watching this Duel himself, scaring Astral, but not damaging Yuma's fiery spirit.

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