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what is vienna sausage made of

Vienna sausages are tiny sausages that are often made from spiced chicken, pork, and beef. The primary ingredients in Vienna sausage may include various amounts of beef, pork, turkey and chicken. After cooking the casings are removed. They may be smoked or not before cooking. Vienna Sausage History. The term Vienna Sausage refers to link sausages. German and Austrian immigrants brought sausages to the U.S. Some brands add spices, such as mustard, for flavoring, and some sausage brands … Preserved meats were popular due to the lack of refrigeration at that time. The term dates back to about 1903 but the packing of sausages in tins started in the late 1890's. Primarily beef or pork make up some brands of Vienna sausage. The meat is ground into a fine paste and loaded into casings.

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