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what does andouillette smell like

Yeah, it smells like feces. A smelly sausage: Andouillette Andouillette is a sausage made out of intestines, chitterlings of the pork, pepper, onions, wine and seasonings. It does take over all your senses - I can smell that smell with everything, taste that taste with everything, but it's again, not absolutely revolting; more a reminder (and not a gentle one, neither) of what I've just eaten. The point about dried blood (or anything else) isn't that it's blood, but what it tastes like. I speak adequate French, she does the Spanish. True andouillette is rarely seen outside France and has a strong, distinctive odour related to its intestinal origins and components. I simply cannot wrap my head around why I should put something in my mouth that is SUPPOSED to smell like shit. They're made of rubbery stuff which we're not supposed to eat unless there's an emergency at the level of a nuclear war. The taste and texture are pretty repugnant, but the smell of it puts those two things in the shade! ... as the smell is nauseating. Seems it's normal to use badly cleaned intestines for this kind of sausage. It was truly awful. And so it was that I am responsible for the live round in the chamber when we pulled the trigger - I knew I knew what andouillette was, just couldn't remember on the night in question. Holy cr@p - I went to Mulhouse at the weekend and, being an adventurous eater, I thought I'd try Andouillette Does anybody actually eat this for enjoyment? Or is it just a bet?? As Georges Clemenceau once said: “Politics, is like andouillette, it has to smell of s**t…, but not too much.” The same is true of wine and cigars: it should smell a little, but in moderation. Also stuff like vinegar, hot sauce, grind black pepper and coffee with teeth, very sour things, straight up eat some weed, shot of bong water... Also have a friend to maybe taste along with you, the comparison would be pretty funny just from him smelling it and you don't. The andouillette arrived. I tried and tried when we lived in France to like andouillette -- I tried it at multiple food festivals from vendors who had won a medaille d'or (gold medal) at various competitions. I've tried it some time ago, but didn't know it's supposed to be like that and thought it was just bad meat. The same is true of wine and cigars: it should smell a little, but in moderation. I'll just take tarte flambee next time I'm in the Alcase! It smelled even worse than the really pungent andouillettes. It's like eating your own stomach and your own lips. So, we ordered two "menu of the day." Apparently this will stay with me for the day. It's not up there with Hákarl (Icelandic putrified shark), but it's not far behind. Bringing it back and opening the bag, I got hit with a smell that literally made me recoil. Does anyone have any experience cooking with wild rabbit? I picked up my very first today from the market, watched it get skinned and gutted and didn't notice any real odour. The bits of innards you find in the andouillette are hardly even digestible. If someone at the restaurant orders an andouillette, there’s no way you’ll miss it because the andouillette has a really strong odour.

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