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teferi's protection summoning sickness

I should probably have kept the Spellstutters, looking back, but I wanted Thoughtseize to deal with Chameleon and Doran. Game 4 was academic, just like game 1 — there wasn’t anything he could’ve done once Masticore came into play. Eventually he played his one Oona again, and I didn’t draw any Commands, so I died. He played Mountain and Magus of the Moon, and then another Magus (frown). He was on three life, facing Mistbind Clique and a Faerie Token. Antoine was watching the match, and he agreed with me that it looked like Oli responded to the spell. I’m not sure he would remember to do it, but as I didn’t actually know if he could do it and had to read the card I thought that’d serve as a pretty good reminder for him even if he didn’t know previously, so I didn’t block. Everybody else had already eaten (yeah, thanks for waiting), but a friend came with me anyway. In this situation you aim to resolve three things — Ancestral Vision, Scion of Oona, and Cryptic Command (speaking of which… I know some people like to take out Command in the mirror. Now, normally I’d take either the Reejerey or the Ponder — after all, taking the Ponder and giving him a random card instead of look at the top three and the choice of a random card has to be better. This brings a lot of attention to me (even though it's far from lethal) and I take a beating over the next turn, and I lose my commander again to Karlov's [[Fatal Push]]. I won both of those games. I know, it’s a lousy plan, but I couldn’t figure out anything better. Round 4, I played against Akira Asahara. Sämtliche Beiträge erscheinen in schlichter chronologischer Reihenfolge (ältester zuerst,

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