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Birling Gap between Seven Sisters and Beachy Head, East Sussex is popular with daytrippers posing for snaps, but there are fears it may collapse. If you want the best view, head for Seaford Head looking east across the River Cuckmere. The cliffs are unstable or undercut in places, with people advised to avoid walking below them in case of rock falls. The trail continues out of the park as South Downs Way and you can walk all the way to Beachy Head (google link) the tallest chalk cliff in Britain with its 162 meters. A favourite sea kayaking destination...view from water level approach. Now as the sea pounds the base of the cliffs each day, erosion is slowly taking the chalk back as large chunks of the cliffs wall back into the water. This means you can’t buy a (cheaper) return ticket, but you have to buy two single tickets instead. I actually really like that mysterious mood that fog brings to a photo. Sit back, relax and enjoy the chalk cliffs from the upper deck. These next couple of kilometres are easy and by far the busiest of the entire Seven Sisters walk. This is the most dramatic and picturesque ... CUCKMERE RIVER. If you take the train from London to Brighton and plan to travel around England by train for 3 days or more, you can benefit from buying a. Great pictures, we are very excited about seeing this coast with or own eyes. Either way you will arrive at the Seaford railway station. Once I arrived in Brighton there was a thick layer of fog surrounding the coast. VisitBritain would like to invite you to take part in a short survey about our website, it should take no more than a couple of minutes. leaving from London and heading back, Your pictures are simply stunning. Once you’re back in either Seaford or Eastbourne, reward yourself with a beer or a meal at one of the many pubs or restaurants in these towns. If you want to go straight to the cliffs from the airport then choose the airport Gatwick south of London. The undulating cliffs known as the Seven Sisters rival even the White Cliffs of Dover for ivory clarity but the constant crashing of the ocean waves at their base is causing them to fall piece-by-piece back into the ocean. After Cuckmere Haven, the long hike over the real Seven Sisters begins. The bright white color of the stone is thanks to the abundance of chalk that makes up most of the cliff face. If you’re on a day trip from London, getting to Seaford is the more difficult part of the journey. I suggest to take a picknick or pick up food at a supermarket in Seaford. The Seven Sisters are an iconic stretch of English coastline, boasting pristine white cliffs and green grassland coupled with the rolling waves of the English Channel. All rights reserved. The magnificent Seven Sisters white cliffs are a world-famous image of the English coast. But I did chose to skip the walk to the Seaford Head Viewpoint as I probably wouldn’t be able to see the cliffs at such a great distance through the fog. It's a matter of time before those cliffs go.". Thank you very much. The hills are also pretty steep so you definitely have to be reasonably fit to walk it. This means that you’ll need to take a local bus back to wherever you parked. All you need to do it cross the grassland to get to the main road. RNLI coxwain Mark Sawyer, a south coast safety expert, told the BBC: "It does look fine from the top but what people can't see - as we do from the lifeboats - is how it's underpinned. There’s a nice pebbles beach where people swim and sunbathe. Perhaps you have heard about the white cliffs of Dover? There are two logical ways of getting to the trailhead at Seaford: Take the train from London Victoria to Seaford. Instead of going to the Seven Sisters Country Park you can also watch the Seven Sisters from Beachy Head or Birling Gap (Google links). one hour – from London at least two hours. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Shocking new photos show huge gaps opening up at Birling Gap near Beachy Head in East Sussex, There are warnings the 400-ft chalk cliff could collapse, A woman was seen dicing with death as she posed for a photo recently, In May, a man was seen standing on the edge of the cliff as he risked his life, Visitors have been urged to stay away from the edge as the cliff erodes and "huge holes" appear, The cracks go as deep as 49ft into the cliff, experts warned, The idyllic coastal spot area is popular with tourists, The alarming cracks have sparked fears the cliffs will fall into the sea, The cracks have caused rockfalls with people warned to avoid walking below the cliffs, Daytrippers flock to the beauty spot in East Sussex to pose for photos at the clifftop beauty spot, Idiot poses MILLIMETRES from death as he walks around edge of unstable 400ft cliff at Birling Gap. If you are traveling from central London the fastest way to get to Brighton is to use the Gatwick Express train that runs from the station London Victoria. Is there any bus/train station at the end or I have to come back to starting point to return home? The chalk cliffs walk is not just hardcore hiking. Once you’re off on the hike, there are no real services until you reach Eastbourne. After the memorial, you’ve got two options for reaching Eastbourne. The Seven Sisters are chalk cliffs on the South Downs National Park that run from Eastbourne to Seaford. I really feared I had come all this way without being able to see anything. You can still find treasures on these pebbly beaches in one of the world's oldest jade-producing regions. By that definition, the chalk cliffs of England's Sussex coast - the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head - are as iconic of England as Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the Queen. Tributes have been paid to a remarkable and talented doctor who died after falling from cliffs at the Seven Sisters Country Park. © 2020 VisitBritain. The Seven Sisters are an iconic stretch of English coastline, boasting pristine white cliffs and green grassland coupled with the rolling waves of the English Channel. So not to worry if you don’t feel like doing the full walk. Its quintessentially English countryside scenery mostly consists of undulating meadows and farmland. You’ll be marching on over the Seven Sisters for a good 5 km, getting close views of each of the cliffs as well as more chalk cliffs beyond the Seven Sisters. The best photo spots, giving a view over all seven undulations, are also in this part of the hike! The ticket is only available for tourists not living in the UK and can be prebooked via this link. Every time I stood on top of a hill I was so tempted to see what was behind the next, and so I ended up climbing four out of seven sisters. We depend on ad revenue to craft and curate stories about the world’s hidden wonders. Hiking along the edge Thanks for sharing your view of it To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. The Seven Sisters cliffs in Sussex are a stunning nature attraction on the south coast of England. While there are closer options such as Epping Forest or Richmond Park available, you will struggle to find a more beautiful choice than the Seven Sisters Cliffs walk. A pretty rural landscape with sheep, streams and birds. The walk was insanely beautiful. You are a treasure for our world to capture the small things–which are really the BIG things in life! One of the best access points to the the Seven Sisters cliffs is The Seven Sisters Country Park. You’ll pass by some colourful beach huts and reach a small car park where the walk is signposted. "There's no chalk at all. Enjoy the best of London’s attractions while saving time and money with The London Pass — a hassle-free sightseeing credits package that lets you explore over 80 attractions. The classic view There are seven hills, with an eighth one being created by the erosion of the sea. Thursday, 26th November 2020, 4:50 pm. The majestic beauty of the white limestone cliffs makes for a wonderfully unique hiking option that you simply won’t find anything else like in the world. First view of the Seven Sisters Cliffs It’ll take approximately one hour to walk along the coast for the first 2.6 miles/4.2 kilometres until you reach the Cuckmere River where you’ll see the famous Coastguard Cottages. We opted for the upper road as I reckoned we’d get better views looking down, but the view was often impaired by trees. Are you planning a Seven Sisters Cliffs walk from London?

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