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quantum physics news 2020

Note: Content may be edited for style and length. The basic idea is that the gravitational field of any object stands outside quantum theory. "It is already known that when we have a macroscopic number of quantum particles, such as electrons in the metal, which interact with each other, novel phenomena such as superconductivity emerge.". Other factors such as interactions between germanium protons and electrons might also cloak the signal, says theoretical physicist Maaneli Derakhshani of Rutgers University, New Brunswick. A hypothetical particle that could solve one…, As scientists build smaller and smaller machines, they need to understand the invisible forces that make those machines work. To confirm the result, physicists need to engineer those superpositions directly, as opposed to relying on random natural occurrences, says Ivette Fuentes of the University of Southampton: “You should, in principle, be able to make a superposition of massive particles. News 'Spooky' quantum movements seen happening to large objects. By comparison, Penrose’s model predicted 70,000 such photons. Max Planck and the Birth of Quantum Mechanics, A Force From “Nothing” Used to Control and Manipulate Objects, Reality Does Not Depend on the Measurer According to New Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, Growth Rings From Fossil Bones Reveals T. rex Had Huge Growth Spurts, but Other Dinosaurs Grew “Slow and Steady”, Physicists Successfully Modify a Semiconductor to Create a Superconductor, Meteorites Show That Our Solar System Formed in Less Than 200,000 Years, Can Drinking Cocoa Make You Smarter? Copyright © 1998 - 2020 SciTechDaily. Now, one of the most plausible mechanisms for quantum collapse—gravity—has suffered a setback. ScienceDaily. Diamonds have a firm foothold in our lexicon. City College of New York. By cutting into fossils and examining growth rings, scientists learned how predatory dinosaurs got so big. Armin Rahmani, Kevin J. Read Later. The Unruh…, Investigators develop a method to determine how quantum the state of a system is. By George Musser Sep. 7, 2020 , 11:00 AM. To test this idea, the researchers built a detector out of a crystal of germanium the size of a coffee cup. “You should see some collapse effect in the germanium experiment, but we don’t,” Curceanu says. Textbooks state that the act of observing the particle “collapses” it, such that it appears at random in only one of its two locations. But physicists quarrel over why that would happen, if indeed it does. It is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice. City College of New York. These interactions in…, Researchers proposed a new approach to describe the interaction of metals with electromagnetic fluctuations (i.e., with random bursts of electric and magnetic fields). “It takes place in the physics, and it’s not because somebody comes and looks at it.”, Still, the hypothesis seemed impossible to probe with any realistic technology, notes Diósi, now at the Wigner Research Center, and a co-author on the new paper. Trapping and controlling electrons in…, Researchers have developed a new theory for observing a quantum vacuum that could lead to new insights into the behavior of black holes. Physics November 23, 2020 Combining Quantum Physics and the Theory of Relativity: Sound-Waves From a Quantum … So far it has not been possible to measure or observe it, but now new research from a City College of New York. All rights Reserved. That suggests gravity is not, in fact, shaking particles out of their quantum superpositions. "Quantum algorithm breakthrough." "Our research has developed a quantum algorithm which can be used to study a class of many-electron quantum systems using quantum computers. The scientists chose this portion of the spectrum to maximize the amplification. Laser fusion reactor approaches ‘burning plasma’ milestone, Twisted graphene could power a new generation of superconducting electronics, United Kingdom lights up its unusual fusion reactor, Largest ever research integrity survey flounders as universities refuse to cooperate, After dosing mix-up, latest COVID-19 vaccine success comes with big question mark, India needs more transparency in its COVID-19 vaccine trials, critics say, With more data on its COVID-19 vaccine, Russian institute offers new evidence of success, For scientists studying ‘disaster fatigue,’ this has been a year like no other, Breast milk contains coronavirus antibodies, study suggests, Hurricanes are retaining their strength after reaching land, study suggests, Injection of long-acting drug prevents HIV in women, Newly discovered reef is taller than a skyscraper, Public needs to prep for vaccine side effects, Potential signs of life on Venus are fading fast, Study homes in on ‘exceptional responders’ to cancer drugs, American Association for the Advancement of Science. © 2020 American Association for the Advancement of Science. “It doesn’t produce a heating or radiation," he says. ScienceDaily. Large objects, such as baseballs, vehicles, and planets, behave in accordance…, Calculations show how theoretical ‘axionic strings’ could create odd behavior if produced in exotic materials in the lab. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily, its staff, its contributors, or its partners. It’s one of the oddest tenets of quantum … Materials provided by City College of New York. Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs…. AAAS is a partner of HINARI, AGORA, OARE, CHORUS, CLOCKSS, CrossRef and COUNTER. ... 2020. Development of new quantum algorithms, regardless of their direct application, will contribute to realize applications of quantum computers. It’s still more science fiction than science fact, but perfect energy efficiency may…, In the early evening of Sunday, October 7, 1900—120 years ago—Max Planck found the functional form of the curve that we now know as the…, A collaboration between researchers from The University of Western Australia and The University of California Merced has provided a new way to measure tiny forces…, For 100 years scientists have disagreed on how to interpret quantum mechanics. Patrick Windpassinger and his team demonstrate how light stored in a cloud of ultra-cold atoms can be transported by means of an optical conveyor belt…. However, until now, according to Ghaemi, tools to study systems with large numbers of interacting quantum particles and their novel properties have been extremely limited. George Musser is a journalist based in New Jersey and author of Spooky Action at Distance. Researchers from…, Researchers from Trinity have discovered a uniquely quantum effect in erasing information that may have significant implications for the design of quantum computing chips. Hidden Diversity During the Age of Dinosaurs Revealed by Early Bird With Tall, Sickle-Shaped Beak, Tipping Point: Irreversible Hotter and Drier Climate Over Inner East Asia, Biology Textbooks Wrong? All in all, he says, if gravity does cause collapse, the process has to be more complicated than Penrose originally proposed. Quantum physics was a key focus of leading scientists at the third World Laureates Forum, which concluded in Shanghai on Sunday, as they addressed the … His collaborators included scientists from: Western Washington University, University of California, Santa Barbara; Google AI Quantum and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. “It is as if you gave a kick to a particle,” says co-author Sandro Donadi of the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies. (accessed November 26, 2020). Quantum algorithm breakthrough. Questions? Have any problems using the site? The latest breaking news, ... 2020 Election; Voices. Anderson and provided new insights into the quantum world. . Researchers led by City College of New York physicist Pouyan Ghaemi report the development of a quantum algorithm with the potential to study a class of many-electron quantums system using quantum computers. News. ScienceDaily, 16 November 2020. And multiple particles subject to the same gravitational lurch will emit in unison. 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