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pinellas county school board

Hine got involved in public education issues in 2015, when her son was about to start kindergarten. Every citizen is impacted by public education; insist on experienced, thoughtful leadership on your school board. This is why I have, from day one, supported choices for families and teachers when it comes to returning to school amid the pandemic. School Board races will be on the Aug. 18 primary election ballot. My husband is a firefighter and I am a teacher – like so many other families in our county, face-to-face is our only option. The district was created upon Pinellas County's split from Hillsborough County in 1912. We will have to ask questions and pay attention to the potential differences in learning gains between face-to-face students and myPCS online students, and be transparent with that information with families so they can continue to make their best decisions. Edmond also saw a need for more transparency and better relations, especially with teachers. “Reading and math are both building block systems,” he said. But all three say they have a passion for education and have worked in or for schools. Source. The Pinellas County School Board is responsible for operating, controlling and supervising a system of public education which includes instruction as well as transportation and food service. Live music at Jimmy B’s Beach Bar & Bistro. Laura Hine defeated Stephanie Meyer in the general election for Pinellas County School Board District 1 At-large on November 3, 2020. The school system has purchased “hot spots” for those children who do not have internet access. Districts 1–3 are at-large districts, elected by the voters of the entire school district. That is exactly what I will do if elected because I understand exactly what our teachers face each day. The board is also responsible for managing the district’s $1.6 billion budget efficiently and effectively, as well as directing policy that reflects the values of the community. What’s your plan to support teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic? If elected on November 3, my priority will always be putting our children’s best interest first. We work in education, yes, but we also work in mental health, juvenile justice, poverty, exceptional student education, school safety and other areas. Three candidates have announced they are running for the District 1 seat on the Pinellas County School Board, including two educators and a Navy veteran who now works as an art director. The candidates are. Pinellas County School Board District 7 Runoff. “I thought, why doesn’t anyone go there?,” she said in an interview. [12], The district covers a total of 142 institutions: 76 elementary schools, 22 middle schools, 17 high schools, 6 alternative & exception education schools, 9 adult/vocational schools, 16 centers, and 14 charter schools. As an educator, I know this is impossible – and my heart goes out to our teachers who are being forced to do this. “I’m pro all schools. The system employs hundreds of staff including highly skilled teachers, administrators, bus drivers, support staff and multiple other categories. “It’s just not enough that we have a few great magnet schools because a child shouldn’t have to win a lottery to have a great education,” she said. “I was informed that the School Board members can amend the agenda. I have so much respect for our teachers, and I am proud to work alongside of them to ensure the children in our county get the education they need and deserve. “If we are not meeting the basic needs of children, we are going to be more challenged as they get older,” she said. Total votes: 485,680 … The Board adopts policies that give the district direction to set priorities and achieve its goals. School board members working with the state legislature have important responsibilities in fulfilling the board’s mission to provide the best opportunities for all students to succeed by adopting policies that ensure continual improvement of highest student achievement, safe learning environment and effective, efficient operations. I believe my fundamental job is to move the board policy in a manner that results in better schools and therefore better opportunities for the next generation. State constitutional amendments on the 2020 ballot, explained. Access to rapid testing is mandatory. There should be a report each week about internet access with the numbers of families that need it and their status. The district needs to continue to support teachers by providing adequate PPE and paid time for sick leave. In 2014, he began pumping more money into the schools, adding classroom aides, mental health counselors and liaisons to connect families with social services[9]. The fight over mask mandates stays hot in Florida schools. Turner now faces charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct, and battery on a law enforcement officer. They credited the current administration under superintendent Mike Grego with taking steps to improve performance in the years since the board ended busing, which in many ways re-segregated schools. Candidate % Votes Laura Hine (Nonpartisan) 55.6 269,902: Stephanie Meyer (Nonpartisan) 44.4 215,778: There were no incumbents in this race. HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT VOTING IN FLORIDA? The board approves the union contracts which cover the 14,000 district employees.

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