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one punch man blast theory

Alright so this is my own original theory about one punch man. One Punch Man Theory; Blast is a monster Haxmode. Superman is the strongest hero in his universe and represents the ideal “good guy” archetype. I believe he felt some sort of guilt or realized what the robots were being used for and his sense of justice wouldn't let him continue. Ask For Mercy Continues With Season Three: A World Of Disquiet, See the fateful aftermath of Peruvia’s big decision in ASH &…. Now if blasts rumor of him having psychic powers which is most likely true, wouldn't that mean if his at the pinnacle of power that he would be able to see the future to? So why is this important? However Garou will still lose and at the very end, Saitama will regain his confidence and beat Blast but probably won’t get the credit for it. Kingdom Chapter 659: Will Man’U Win or Die? Well I believe light speed flash will work under saitama indirectly, now I say Indirectly because in light speed flashes mind he believes he should be saitamas teacher so saitama can become even stronger. I believe in whatever final battle will see Garou & God appear possibly creating a new powered being strong enough to make saitama actually need to go full out and call for back up. She was a powerful psychic that was able to use her psychic powers to see into the future. Notice how he says that blast won't ever deploy unless he is given complete freedom on his hero activities. Which is for them all to remove their saitama and follow under saitama either directly, or indirectly. But one thing’s certain, he cherishes great resentment to the Association because of its corrupted system. During the fight Boros’ changes to his meteoric burst form in his final moments against Saitama. His face is always hidden, or he is shown entirely from the back. But because he became a monster, he needs to hide his face. Rent a Girlfriend Episode 1: Release Date, Cast, and Details. In terms of strength, Fubuki in One-Punch Man really deserves an A rank hero. Blast’s own actions seem to impress Tatsumaki’s heart, though Tatsumaki misinterpreted Blast’s advice. Because what happened to Amai Mask recently is totally the destruction. Followers. She is a B.A. In this story, we are shown some of Tatsumaki’s backstory. Wiki Points. Personally, I think blast will be revealed to be a character we’ve already seen in the series. Kengan Omega Chapter 83: Naidan & Gaoh’s Battle! Since Blast’s identity is intentionally hidden from the reader, I think this makes sense that ONE does not want to reveal this character’s face as this character might just have a small change in appearances such as wearing glasses or a slight change in his hairstyle. Does it hold any water? What do you think of Blast in One-Punch Man? These changes will make him seem like a totally different character to others in the One Punch Man world, but I am sure the Caped Baldy will see right through this illusion and this will be absolutely hilarious. With this level of strength, I think Blast will quickly get frustrated when facing enemies much weaker than me. This is all the reasons I could think of for blast being such a mystery. Since there are such heroes, Blast focuses on his work and will only return if all the heroes lose. Alright so this is my own original theory about one punch man. After all, so far Blast has no reason to return as a hero. Now why physically stronger? One popular theory is he could be the bearded worker (credit to this theory by YouTuber Zhonin). In One-Punch Man, there are countless interesting characters that leave an impression on the audience. Psychic beings have been chosen to read minds & see he future. Dismiss. My theory is that he became disillusioned with the hero society and became a god level monster. With his son in the Neo Heros, its possible that Blast is also somehow involved with the Neo heroes and with the reintroduction of Garou in the story, the fight seems bound to happen. So I think Saitama will ultimately be demoralized after his encounter with Blast and give up being a hero. Well simple to fight saitama. In this article, we will go over a few theories out there in the One Punch Man fandom of who Blast is and why fans are so excited for his reveal, which we all hope will come very soon. He came to the conclusion of killing all human kind. It has a manga adaptation under the illustration of Yusuke Murata. This person’s name drew attention because Blast is said to be the greatest hero in the world, a character ranked 1 among S One-Punch Man heroes. Now why do I say this well there's the zombieman panel & the fact that we see the other S-class heroes training. He is none but the 16-year-old son of the ultimate hero, Blast. Howev... One-Punch Man is one of the most popular manga series today. T... One Punch Man is a big name in Anime World. So then he becomes a monster and has sooooo much power. We know he didn't talk 100% like a hero to tats, which means one of two things 1; Its a time travel genos (which if there is time travel its 100% genos) or 2; He's not in that good of a place mentally. III: Episode 6, The Day I Became A God Episode 5: Release Date, Plot, Preview, and More, Everything You Need To Know About Ragnarok Season 2, Red Son Batman, Bat-Mite Make Their Funko Pop! Please create account through ##customer_email## email, Elfen Lied review: the forgotten diamond of gore genre. Now I believe that Metal knight actually knows about the organization. Many of us know that the One Punch Man world likes to either “poke fun” or pay homage to many popular anime and superhero tropes. Now I want to add another part to this theory. One has created it in early 2009. That maybe he was able to for see something coming and created an army of robots to make him physically stronger. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website, Blast is said to have been One’s allegory for the popular DC Comics superhero Superman. But I don’t like the idea of Saitama moping around while a fight is going. So let’s be patient and wait a while to further chapters. Next I want you to read this from the official data book about blast. Power Rangers Dino Fury: New Season Details Inside! Ōkami-san wa Taberaretai Teens-Love: Updates! I believe the organization attacked Genos hometown to gain some sort of battle data. I'm Talking about the robot that was sent to fight king for battle data as well, but ended up fighting Genos. The theory I wish to be real, Mumen Rider is Blast, Yes theres a lot to disprove that but imagine Blast lost his powers and is still trying to be a Hero, or maybe Mumen’s Pride comes from possibility that Blast is his Brother, So he strives to be just as good a Hero however he can, Mumen Rider and Blast general looks, Hair, face just look so near Identical!

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