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mexican pizza discontinued date

As prone as I am to romanticizing this dish, Taco Bell’s website takes it comically far: Listen, we love a well-placed karate chop as much as the next guy, but we can all agree that peace is the best, right? I’m glad that waste management actually matters to a company whose core fanbase of people buying 12 tacos at a time at midnight may not make its purchasing decisions based on ecological factors. Steve Bramucci is on Twitter and Instagram. The inexorable march of time waits for no food. It would be an honorific so pure that fellow Mexican Pizza aficionado Bert Kreischer was going to get it tattooed on his chest. The company explained in July that this was necessary to “create a more efficient Taco Bell experience” during the pandemic. As much as I love the Mexican Pizza, I won’t cry for this perfect example of Taco Bell at its most authentically inauthentic. Taco Bell is eliminating five more menu items, marking the second time in less than three months that it overhauled its selection. Taco Bell also announced it will add several new menu items including a chicken chipotle melt, dragonfruit freeze, green sauce and the Quesalupa. Fans will have to say farewell to the Mexican Pizza, as well as the shredded chicken and pico de gallo starting on Nov. 5. Last month, Taco Bell got rid of about dozen items including the 7-Layer Burrito, Nachos Supreme and the Beefy Fritos Burrito. But one clear example of cultural companionship at work is the Mexican Pizza. 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It’s like tearing open a brand new pack of baseball cards only to find out that you have some duplicates and your neighbor has a card you want and you have one he wants. The chain promises fans this latest shakeup is the final phase of the 2020 menu revamp. Taco Bell fans, get ready to bid farewell to more longtime menu options. The removal of shredded chicken means three chicken items — shredded chicken soft taco, shredded chicken burrito, and shredded chicken quesadilla melt — will disappear in the fall. Seriously, I was hyped. © 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. I love Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza. Instead of the usual path through Manhattan, this year's parade was kept to the area in front of Macy's flagship store and aimed at a television audience instead of live crowds. Shrimp stock is quick, it’s easy, and it adds layers of flavor to any number... already slashing more than a dozen menu items in August. I even made the dish in a recent cooking competition on Twitch. Getting rid of the Mexican Pizza, for example, is part of the company’s eco-friendly commitment: Packaging for the item amounts to more than 7 million pounds of paperboard per year. And considering the scale at which Taco Bell makes food, the quest for peace of which they wax poetically is better off with them killing the Mexican Pizza and thereby decreasing waste and packaging production worldwide. They did something rare in the world of mass-produced foods: make a decision not simply driven by market popularity or profit. In a world where what we eat is getting increasingly intellectualized — sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse — the Mexican Pizza was a clever dish that actually tasted good. The world is changing and the company is smart to shift with it. Then I lost the script. I was all set to gush about how the dish was basically a nacho without any of the nacho’s ingredient distribution problems — offering equal amounts of beans, beef, cheese, sauce, and crunch in every bite. The chain says the chicken chipotle melt and dragon fruit freeze will get a nationwide release. without you complaining about it.” Or when country songs about a simpler time also imply “before I was forced to recognize the complexities of the world, even though they definitely still existed.”. Here is the secret you need for perfection. In order to lessen the blow, there is a slight silver lining. Taco Bell assured fans on Thursday that this is the final time this year that it will change its menu, and the removals will “make room for new innovations.”. Taco Bell didn’t have to take the Mexican Pizza off their menu. Doing things that will potentially piss people off in the name of progress (generally speaking, a segment of people being pissed off is certainly one of the signifiers of positive change being made). The most obvious reason, of course, is because no one gets hurt. So when the company announced that the Mexican Pizza would be discontinued last week, I planned on writing a big, dorky ode to this fan-favorite. NEW YORK (AP) — The balloons were in the sky and the marching bands took to the streets for the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, but coronavirus restrictions meant it was without the throngs of people usually scrambling for a view. Taco Bell thinks that our nostalgia for a mass-produced menu item isn’t worth the environmental costs and I’d like to hope they’re right. Which means we won’t get to enjoy it anymore. Living in Southern California — where great Mexican food abounds — I buy them more often than I could possibly justify. According to the company, the latest round of changes are “finishing touches” on a “new streamlined menu in order to make room for new innovations.”. As for the latest round of changes, Taco Bell claimed there were several other reasons why it’s saying adios to the five items. Trademark and Copyright 2020 Cable News Network, Inc., a Time Warner Company. Mexican Pizza: We know some fans may be sad to see this one go, we are too. In short, they pursued a strategy that seems wrong but was actually right. Taco Bell Is Getting Rid Of Their Mexican Pizza, And People Are Fed Up. God, I miss the days when we didn’t have to overthink fast food! Unfortunately, the loss of shredded chicken will also mean no more shredded chicken soft tacos, shredded chicken burritos or shredded chicken quesadilla melts. Basically a double layer tostada topped with mild, red Enchilada sauce, melted cheese, and a few tomatoes. Unfortunately, the loss of shredded chicken will also mean no more shredded chicken soft tacos, shredded chicken burritos or shredded chicken quesadilla melts. Me now that Taco Bell is also removing the Mexican Pizza I won’t lament the loss of the dish’s perfect topping ratios or its even distribution of meat, beans, sauce, and cheese. The fast-food chain announced plans to remove three more staples in another round of cuts after already slashing more than a dozen menu items in August. With enough RT’s maybe we can stop this!!! On the morning of Thanksgiving, Jeopardy! I looked at Taco Bell’s reasons for taking the Mexican Pizza off their menu in the first place, clicking on their official statement, which read: One silver lining of saying goodbye to the Mexican Pizza that might help you rest easy is that removing it from our menus helps us work towards our commitment to leave a lighter footprint on our planet. Taco Bell announced yet another round of cuts on Thursday, including the Mexican Pizza. Taco Bell is eliminating five more menu items, marking the second time in less than three months that it overhauled its selection. Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza has been a fixture on the menu since 1988, meaning it has graced the mouths of millions over the past 32 years.

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