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Visit SEVERAL firehouses to get different opinions. The current home I live in here in central New Hampshire had these flexible gas lines installed in 2001.  In response, CSST manufacturers developed electrical bonding requirements staring as soon as 2007. Black iron is so much thicker that it may actually take a lightning strike better. This is because they are connected to a bonded (if properly installed) gas-distribution system. If you do have a leak, these fittings are almost always readily accessible for adjustment. The only specialized tool you need is a flaring tool made to fit the pipe size you are working with. These are two short pieces of the flexible stainless-steel gas lines. If CSST was installed (in compliance to code) before CSST manufacturers had made the special requirements for bonding, that installation still meets code today. I responded to this very interesting email with a few thoughts of my own. With this new system in place you don't need heavy black iron pipe anymore. It's not durable like traditional black-iron pipe. Lightning has caused many house fires that have flexible gas lines. Virtually all state and local code authorities permit its use and many contractors are finally embracing it. If you care to. A flexible gas line is an ingenious method of supplying natural gas to fireplaces, furnaces, cooktops, clothes dryers and any other gas appliance. You don't solder it like water lines. SEO by Trenchless Marketing. TracPipe® CounterStrike® has been designed with a proprietary jacket material in place of the standard yellow jacket. For as long as I have been in the home building business, we always used similar brass appliance connector tubing when gas was supplied to a clothes dryer, a cooktop, or a gas range. Is there another alternative gas piping material? My first suspicion would be that the tubing acts like a lightning rod of sorts. After all, we only have licensed technicians specifically trained in servicing residential homes and commercial properties. This code came in as a response to damage to flexible gas lines and fires in homes struck by lightning. As you can see, there is a significant multi-year gap in which Building Codes did not require proper bonding of flexible gas lines.  Building Codes, including Plumbing & Electrical Codes were updated based on the growing incidents of house fires. © 20187 Tim Carter. If you own a home built since 1990, your home may have unbonded flexible gas lines.  Many homes have gas lines in their attic and buried in walls. I remember when the material was first introduced. A typical black iron pipe installation requires a professional to precisely measure, cut, and thread the individual pieces of pipe. Homes built with CSST flexible gas Lines before the Building Code required bonding were built correctly to the Building Code at the time they were built.  BUT that does not mean they are safe.  These homes may, or may not have bonded gas lines.  Only an inspection will determine if the gas lines are safely bonded as required by today’s Building, Plumbing & Electrical Codes. You're now the proud owner of some wonderful corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST). It offers all of the same advantages of the CSST systems. The inlet gas line must have a minimum length of three (3) inches (7.6 cm) drip leg (sediment trap) installed as close to the water heater’s gas valve as possible. CLICK HERE to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local plumbers who install gas lines. This article details a potential hazard related to Flexible, Yellow, Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) Gas Lines within your home. Who better than a trained technician to clear your slow drains and to perform your sewer and drain cleaning. If you care to, read an article that was published in April of 2003 in the Dallas News regarding banning this installation in the city of Frisco, Collin County, Texas. There are documented incidents where severe lightning has struck homes. Interested in one of our services? We do not expect Electricians to know what pipes and which pipes require Bonding which is where your licensed Plumbing contractor, or home inspector can provide. Please note that the process of scanning, OCR, and rekeying might introduce errors. Massachusetts: This Appliance can only be installed in the state of Massachusetts by a Massachusetts licensed plumber or gas fitter. I have seen three fires in our own community as a result of CSST failure. ct hit from a hot bolt of lightning will bore a hole in a traditional black iron pipe. A "T" Underground natural gas lines are primarily polyethylene.  Propane lines coming to the home are either copper or polyethylene. Please see EFF’s page on this issue or the U.S. Court of Appeals docket for more information about ongoing litigation over your right to read and speak these laws. The thin walls of CSST might not seem to handle as much of a strike as black iron. Copyright © 2020 Some plumbers will tell you it's faster and cheaper to install this new CSST piping. Each of the cast fittings can be the source of a leak. Perhaps the biggest one is labor savings. CLICK HERE to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local plumbers to install flexible gas lines in your home. A parallel CSST system mimics an electric panel. Only if local code allows flexible gas line connections. Many of the manufacturers of this material require professional installers to take a short training course that familiarizes them with the small nuances of this unique gas piping system. This appliance must be installed with a three (3) foot / 36 in. Uploaded by Public.Resource.Org. Hundreds of thousands of houses have these corrugated appliance connectors in service right now. The pipe is extremely durable and rarely has a lightning strike cause a fire in a house with black iron pipe. Uploaded by The risk is tremendously reduced when CSST flexible gas lines are “bonded “ (BONDED DEFINED: Connected with wiring to take electrical current away from CSST flexible gas lines in the event of a lightening-strike on or near the home). Here is a flexible gas line. This black jacket has energy dissipating properties that will help protect the TracPipe® CounterStrike® stainless steel pressure liner as well as other fuel gas system components if the TracPipe® CounterStrike® becomes energized due to lightning.”, ** NOTE: This is not an endorsement of this product by JNR Plumbing LLC.

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