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These trips usually involve us traipsing muddy fields and dodging cows, imagining villages that no longer exist. On January 6th 878 the Vikings under their king Guthrum launched a surprise attack on Alfred’s base at Chippenham. Sweyn, his son Canute and his successors ruled until 1042. Take a look at some independent reviews of this tour by previous participants here, Take a look at some of the images taken on our most recent tour, document.write('back'); At the Battle of Edington, an army of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex under Alfred the Great defeated the Great Heathen Army led by Dane Guthrum on a date between 6 and 12 May AD 878, resulting in the Treaty of Wedmore later the same year. They fled to the marshes of Somerset where they eventually regrouped and once again challenged Viking supremacy. Our best wishes for a productive day. The nearby Seven Sisters Country Park and Cuckmere Valley are well worth a visit. Only the Kingdom of Wessex, under King Alfred the Great, remained under unfettered Saxon control. As the other kingdom’s fell to waves of Viking invasion, Wessex became the last stronghold of the Anglo-Saxons. For the next few years an uneasy peace existed between the two sides. Alfred of Wessex (871–99) is renowned as one of the great kings of medieval English history and is the only English king to be remembered as ‘the Great’. Edgar's niece Matilda of Scotland later married William's son Henry I, forming a link between the two dynasties. Over time Alfred took control of most of what is now England. Alfred’s son saw off a challenge from Aethelwold to secure his kingship over the Anglo-Saxons, reigning from 899 to 924. To this day, they have not been found. This period of the English monarchy is known as the Anglo-Saxon period, because the two main branches of settlers were Angles (in Mercia and East Anglia) or Saxon (in Wessex, Essex, Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex and Northumbria); a smaller group of settlers, the Jutes in Kent, Wight and in parts of east Sussex, merged with the Saxons. As discussed in The Old Parsonage article, Google doesn’t want you to know about the village of West Dean (East Sussex) – instead aggressively trying to force you to go to West Dean (West Sussex). But it’s the unrivalled winner of oldest continuously inhabited parsonage in the world. He's the odd sort of king … Much of it was demolished in 1539 as part of the Tudor dissolution of the monasteries, with little trace left of it today. Then his son, Æthelstan, extended his authority into the north, Northumbria, above the Mersey and Humber, but this was not fully consolidated until after his nephew Edgar succeeded to the throne. Wessex, also known as the Kingdom of the West Saxons, was a large and influential Anglo-Saxon kingdom from 519 to 927AD. Alfred and his brother, King Aethelred of the West Saxons, met the Viking army at the battle of Ashdown near Reading on January 8th 871. West Dean is located just east of Friston Forest, down a half-mile lane. Lord Aethelred was historically the leader of Mercia between 881 to 911, entering into marriage with King Alfred’s daughter as part of an alliance with Wessex. Uhtred and Brida entered the West Saxon capital of Winchester, where they were halted by guards believing them to be Danes.Before Uhtred could get into a fight with their captain Leofric, Father Beocca recognized Uhtred, and the two happily reunited.Beocca vouched for Uhtred, and took Uhtred and Brida to meet Prince Alfred, as the King was busy. Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, a defender against Viking invasion and a social reformer; just few of the reasons why he is the only English monarch to be known as “the Great”. The Last Kingdom season four is now streaming on Netflix – check out our list of the best TV shows on Netflix, or find out what else is on with our TV Guide. In 887 AD the two men met and became firm friends. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles tell us that in 893 Alfred camped with his army between the two raiding armies and therefore it would have been between Milton Regis on the north coast of Kent and Appledore towards the south coast of Kent. As is the lost village of Lullington – investigated by the Odd Days Out team back in 2017. Sort of. He continued his bid for Wessex with the vikings as his allies, but was ultimately killed in 902 at the Battle of the Holme. In season four, he describes Dane-controlled Northumbria as “the last kingdom”, which was very much true in the later years of his reign. Thanks! By 870 AD, all the independent Anglo-Saxon kingdoms except Wessex had been overrun by the Vikings. Was Alfred’s palace in West Sussex or East Sussex? West Dean has limited parking, so we recommend you park in the forest car park and walk in to the village from there. Nonetheless, his initial uprising against Alfred’s son, Edward, was a failure as he was unable to mobilise a large enough army, ultimately fleeing to Dane-ruled Northumbria where he found some support. Thence to Wallingford, to examine a second Alfredian burh site before visiting a second, and perhaps, more convincing site for the battle of Ashdown overlooking the Thames Valley. Guthrum’s surrender and subsequent baptism later became known as the Peace of Wedmore. This would have made an excellent naval and trading base for an Anglo-Saxon power. But, as well as exploring the supposed palace grounds, you can say hi to the smiling All Saints church. Alfred won a decisive victory at the Battle of Edington (AD 878) and thereafter secured his Kingdom by establishing a series of burhs, fortified towns that concentrated economic activity enabling easy taxation as well as providing urban defence. Other kings from the Wessex dynasty are buried at Sherborne, Wimborne, and Brookwood. She became Lady of the Mercians after her husband died, an authoritative position that King Edward acknowledged, perhaps in exchange for ownership of London and Oxford. From the small pond in the centre of the village, head along the footpath that leads up hill through the woods. From Friston Forest Car Park, walk down ‘The Lane’ and until you reach the pond in the village centre. However, others believe he was grievously injured at the Battle of Tettenhall, as shown quite hauntingly in season four of The Last Kingdom. tours by datethemesperiodsdestinations. As The Last Kingdom depicts, he was a well-liked ruler with a reputation among his people for being level-headed and merciful. A major part of this reputation is built on his military leadership of the West Saxon kingdom, the last of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms to survive the Viking onslaught of the ninth century.

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