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Henry Mayhew, name his title or role, studied the London poor in 1823, and he observed that “there is barely sufficient work for the regular employment of half of our labourers, so that only 1,500,000 are fully and constantly employed, while 1,500,000 more are employed only half their time, and the remaining 1,500,000 wholly unemployed” (Thompson 250). People can work, earn, live, and grow. With the growth of factories, for example, people were drawn to metropolitan centers. 89 v. Department of Education, Zenith Radio Corporation v. United States, GET YOUR CUSTOM ESSAY “A boy was caught in a machine and had both his thigh bones broke and from his knee to his hip flesh was ripped up the same as it had been cut by a knife. Plus, local governments actively sought to ban traditional festivals in the cities. Instead, they were no longer their own bosses; foremen and overseers supervised a new working culture to insure that workers’ actions were focused and efficient. The number of cities with populations of more than 20,000 in England and Wales rose from 12 in 1800 to nearly 200 at the close of the century. . Wardle: Ay, I have worked in a pit since I was six years old The rise in materialism and consumerism was one of the primary fallouts of the Industrial Revolution. He is the published author of in the mistaken belief that it would cure them of disease. They viewed professional success as the result of a person’s energy, perseverance, and hard work. If the government regulates factory owners, it will increase the cost of doing business for all these new growing industries and decrease economic growth and jobs. 12). With the advent of large-scale factories, the worker was now much more dependent on an individual employer. You have entered an incorrect email address! They choose to take jobs in the factories and mills, and it is their responsibility to watch out for their own safety. But, after 1840 or 1850,  as England entered the second phase of the Industrial Revolution, it appears that real wages began to increase. Citizens are free to hire a doctor, go to a hospital, or seek their own medical remedies, as they have for centuries. Over the next fifty years, Manchester’s population exploded and reached 180,000 ( “A History of Manchester”). . FOR ONLY $13.90/PAGE, Industrial Revolution: How Did the Industrial…, Industrial Revolution: Why Did the Industrial…, "The Industrial Revolution--A Curse for the Working…, Ecological effects of industrial revolution, Effects of the Industrial Revolution on Slavery, Zuni Public School Dist. The point this evidence is trying to make is that because of the manufacturing system, people have more opportunity. The Industrial Revolution is an epochal event in the history of mankind; just as renaissance allowed our creativity to bloom with respect to art and architecture, the industrial revolution which started around 1700’s in England, forever changed the way we viewed the world. They spent less, which saved more money for other investments or expenses. The small town of Manchester, England also grew rapidly and famously to become the quintessential industrial city. Since they have neither gutters nor drains, the refuse accumulates in stagnant, stinking puddles.” (Doc. Until then, there had been only two major classes in society: aristocrats born into their lives of wealth and privilege, and low-income commoners born in the working classes. What role, if any, do you think the government should take to improve conditions in the new industrial cities? The influx of drugs drained the Chinese economy and impaired its population. Raw materials were delivered to people’s cottages and the weavers would process the wool in their homes. Pale; lacking energy, typically because of illness. For the first generation of workers—from the 1790s to the 1840s—working conditions were very tough, and sometimes tragic. The Great Stink in London in August 1858 was a noted event during which hot weather exacerbated the smell of untreated human waste and industrial effluent that was present on the banks of River Thames. At the same time, the industrialization took a toll on people’s health, there was more pollution. Desperate for work, the migrants to the new industrial towns had no bargaining power to demand higher wages, fairer work hours, or better working conditions. Orders:19 The longer they wait to do so, the worse it will be for them. Mr Samuel Wilson (now dead) came to Derby to get my hand, and I engaged with him with my family. As a result, the new factory owners could set the terms of work because there were far more unskilled laborers, who had few skills and would take any job, than there were jobs for them. The most influential socialist thinker was undoubtedly an economist and philosopher named Karl Marx (1818-1883). There were positive effects as well. Worse still, since only wealthy people in Great Britain were eligible to vote, workers could not use the democratic political system to fight for rights and reforms. Children were part of the labour force. As we read in Engels’ first hand account of working-class areas in Manchester, these neighborhoods were filthy, unplanned, and slipshod. In those times only the wealthy could vote in Britain with about 3 percent allowed to vote. This allowed anybody to grow their own wealth in any way that they want. “Industrial Revolution: The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain,” The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia,, 8 February 2003. In traditional, agricultural society, families worked together as a unit of production, tending to fields, knitting sweaters, or tending to the fire. peace and content sat upon the weaver’s brow” (Thompson 269). They are free to decide what jobs are best for them. Additionally, urban, industrialized areas were unable to keep pace with the flow of arriving workers from the countryside, resulting in inadequate, overcrowded housing and polluted, unsanitary living conditions in which disease was rampant. She is nineteen next June. In 1849, 10,000 people died of cholera in three months in London alone ("Public Health Timeline").

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