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how to make halo halo ice cream

Let us not forget the toppings, leche flan, ube halaya or even ube ice cream! The purple ice cream is ube, which is a Filipino purple yam. What is the purple ice cream in Halo Halo? Finding ube ice cream used to be a bit difficult, but these days ube is becoming a very popular flavor. With the combination of shaved ice and many different layers of sweet beans, fruits and other treats then drizzled with milk. The dish is frequently topped with a scoop of bright purple ube (purple yam) ice cream, though in the Philippines you'll also likely see genuine ube instead. ‘Halo-halo… Pour evaporated milk onto the ice. Head over to Guiltless Getaways for an inside look at how they prepare their Halo-Halo… Top with a scoop of ice cream. There is no set recipe for halo-halo. Cover with enough ice to fill the glass. In a tall glass, layer the first 5 ingredients. Magnolia brand ube ice cream is a favorite, which can be found in some American grocery stores. They offer another delicious version of Halo-Halo using soft Carabao’s milk pastillas, mashed sweetened red beans and cream of corn.

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