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how much does a persian rug weigh

1116 Customer Reviews. Quality of these carpets was fair but considering what their function was they performed flawlessly. recently saw a 9×12 oriental hand knotted rug made in india at the store the dump org .10000 marked down to 6000 then 3600. what are your thoughts. At. The pile of an antique rug has a smooth gradation of color from the base of the knot. Natural dyes are used to give the rugs their rich colors”. They are one of the worst enemies of any fine rug, especially older and antique rugs. Don't Appear Too Interested. In oriental rug workshops, the weaving is carefully supervised by a master weaver who is responsible for every loom under his watchful eye. . The tribal or village carpets are often woven in the home with many of the design elements committed to memory. How much does the 10 x 14 weigh? Many factors go into determining the value of a hand-knotted rug. A classy site needs classy text. Artificial silk oriental rugs often have only medium weaves (less than 250 knots per SQ. RugKnots works factory direct and sells the best hand knotted rugs— meaning we do not pay a middle man, which means that you don't pay a middle man! The viscose is extruded through tiny holes into a chemical bath that makes long filaments that are spun into thread or yarn. This tip is more useful than one might think. You know, before they fall apart, those products were never meant to last. The knots on the back of an old, well-used rug will be slightly flat. Wool has a natural hydrophobic (water resistant) exterior but a hydrophilic (water absorbing) interior. The best way to answer this is to clarify that all Persian rugs are Oriental rugs, but not all Oriental rugs are Persian. Use a carpet pad to cushion it from wear and tear, Keep the bugs outside, as they are drawn to silk rugs and can ruin them, Have your rug deep cleaned annually by a professional oriental rug launintricateice. -If you look closely, you can see the wrinkled edge of the sewn on the fringe. They will be able to tell you where it’s from, how it was made, who it was made by, and articulate the hallmarks. Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, and China are some of the places that is known for this knot. Although there doesn’t seem to be any indication of just how long they’ve been around, the oldest Oriental rug found intact is one found in Siberia by a Russian archaeologist in the 1940s. They understand that they need to articulate the value of an authentic piece. Over time, small amounts of dirt and dust can wear down the rug and become trapped between the fibers. Our advice is that you only test rugs you’ve made a commitment to purchase if it’s authentic. The tufted rug process is very similar. Amazing clarity I got thru this information..feel more confident to buy another one.. Hi there, thank you so much for this education!! For magnetic tape it is the amount of information recorded per unit length of tape (bits per inch or millimeter); for a disk, a fixed … We are ready to sell them. If you need a rug that does not come in common dimensions, a custom made area rug may be the way to go. Have it cleaned regularly, the author is right. Answer. To compound this, insurance may not cover the cost of an expensive Oriental rug in the event of a flood or some other catastrophe. RugKnots shows you the price of the rug before, then the price of the rug after. If a lemon is green, it’s lime. Wool Rugs Sheared from a sheep, wool is hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and a renewable resource. There is a rug on there (her at oriental indo hand knotted rug) and says its 200kpsi, and “This rug was created in the Varanasi region of India. Hand knotted area rugs that are woven from silk are stunningly luxurious. Research to see if the design, pattern, or color was discontinued at a certain point. Vertical (warp) threads are tied onto the loom — these threads are what will eventually become the fringe of the rug. If the number is more than 16, convert to pounds (16 ounces per pound). All washing, spinning and dyeing of the wool are by a village family at their home. To capitalize on an unassuming consumer, Oriental “style” rugs now abound. Like a real estate agent, they utilize a Rolodex of brokers and negotiate the sale between the customer and the seller. You should be able to see rows of knots which are markings of authenticity as well. Here are three field tests that might help you distinguish real from fake. Since the cost of an Oriental rug can be very expensive, it goes without saying that purchasing one is something not just based on price, but also on your lifestyle. Ink cannot be stabilized and will bleed like nothing you have seen before, Be sure to ask your dealer where the wool from their rugs is sourced. Although there doesn’t seem to be any indication of just how long they’ve been around, the oldest Oriental rug found intact is one found in Siberia by a Russian archaeologist in the 1940s. There are three main types of knots in a hand-knotted rug. © Copyright 2010 - 2019 - Gentleman's Gazette LLC. The last step to test an Oriental rug is the most accurate test, though we don’t recommend attempting to do this yourself. To do this, ask if you can take the rug out on consignment for at least 24 hours to be sure that your dye is colorfast. Keep in mind that online purchases by credit card or with Paypal can often only insure amounts up to a certain denomination. Another way to purchase authentic Oriental rugs is to bid on them at auction, as long as they can prove the material and provenance of a rug. Of course not! Unfortunately, authentic rugs can be difficult to come by, and many purveyors of counterfeit rugs attempt to swindle unsuspecting buyers into believing it’s the real thing. If you do keep it in a room that gets lots of sun, rotate it every few weeks to keep any fading even and not confined to one spot. In the professional rug workshops, the choice of design styles is normally dictated by the demands of the market, either overseas or locally. An exquisite Oriental rug for sale in Dubai. Most reputable sellers who have nothing to fear will be happy to accommodate. Do NOT be afraid to buy a hand-knotted rug online! They are just simply different. RugKnots weavers are specialized artisans who do not use stencils during the weaving process. Great! It’s illegal, but not usually enforced by law enforcement. There is a limited range of dyes used in any specific time period. Would you ever go to Target looking for an investment? Wool and Silk When an area rug is woven with the used of both wool and silk, usually the bulk of the rug is wool and silk is woven into the intricate design to create a sheen. Persian knots are used to create more intricate curvilinear or floral patterns on hand knotted Persian rugs. Rugs that are hand knotted in other countries in or near the following countries are  considered. There are lots of things to consider before buying the right rug for your home, and here are the few things you need to know: Hand-tufted rugs are made using a tufting tool to punch the yarn into a fabric backing to hid the glue that is holding the rug together. Your rug may have been woven with lesser quality wool. Ask questions. In this short cut, the weaver spends less time on the rug, resulting in lower value and quality. To vacuum, use the bristle end of vacuum and never use a beater bar. If you own a Persian rug, it’s valuable. How to … It has all the positive things you listed except the type if wool. After the design is complete, a fabric backing is glued onto the back to hold the rug together. Now, with advanced trading and globalization, every country makes all qualities of rugs, good and bad. We live near Charlotte NC. To prevent significant wear from eroding the rug, move your furniture regularly, so you and your guests will alter the way you move throughout the house. Do not fall into the spell of using a rug that is too small because you don’t have the time to find one large rug perfectly enough for your space. The last thing you want is to file a claim only to find out that you’re insured for just a fraction of what you paid for the rug.

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