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homemade bounty bars without condensed milk

They're: vegan; gluten-free; raw; ready in less than 30 minutes; 4 ingredients required; Ingredients . You can also use colorful sprinkles to garnish the chocolate bars to add more variety. But yours look so healthy n easy peasy to make. After all, who can resist a sweet treat, especially when it involves chocolate? Your email address will not be published. R we only using the coconut cream on top of the can and discard the water ? shared with paleo following friend. You might need to spread the chocolate over the last 2-3 bars with a spatula, so if you prefer just dipping them, increase the chocolate chips to 2 cups. oooh these sound fab! Spoon the chocolate over the coconut bars and leave on a wire rack to harden. When you remove the set, chocolate bars from the parchment paper, make sure to straighten their uneven edges before serving. Yes, coconut flour is just another name for desiccated coconut, the very fine variety Hope you give it a try, I make these all the time and never get tired of them! They're totally addicting right? Mix the melting chocolate pieces with a spatula until it is completely melted. Hi Duncan, I guess they can probably last a little more than a week or so in the fridge. Could you sub coconut milk for coconut oil? Oh no Victoria, sorry to hear your bars did not came out as expected! Hi Laura, I wish I could give you nutritional info about it,but as I'm not a registered nutritionist I never feel comfortable give such info. In a mixing bowl, mix coconut, coconut oil and honey until well combined. If you're a coconut lover like me, you'll totally love these vegan bounty bars. Shape the mixture into small logs and arrange them on a baking tray covered with parchment. Better that the original Bounty . My advice is not to use the same amount though, just pour little by little until you have a moist but firm consistency (remember also that coconut oil will harden, so your bounty bars could end up quite hard). Hi, I'd love to try this! You can also arrange them on a tray covered with parchment paper, and arrange in the freezer for 30 minutes, then store them in a freezer-friendly bag for up to 1 month. Learn how to make them with just 10 minutes of prep! Do you love chocolate bars? Let me tell you that they taste much better and authentic than any of the store-bought chocolate bars. Allow your bounty bars to set then serve. And it also makes this recipe completely vegan. Hi Kristen, I use a standard 400 ml coconut milk can! I used dark chocolate but you could also use regular milk chocolate. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Hi Kathleen! You can get to choose how sweet the coconut filling should be and what type of chocolate to dip the bar in. Hi Andrea, can I substitute dark chocolate for Cocoa? Oh these sound good and I like your switch out for coconut milk. These look great, but can you tell me if you use dessicated coconut, or just coconut flour? Could I mix the ingredients the old way, using a spatula and a bowl? Then dip each bar into a plate with more melted chocolate to cover their base. So happy to hear that Ava!Love the addition of papaya, gotta give it a try! Chocolate: The chocolate you choose is critical for the bars you'll get. The sweet coconut filling is not as hard to make as you might think, a simple combination of coconut and condensed milk will recreate the filling of the classic chocolate bar. Make sure you put some parchment paper beneath the rack to catch the chocolate in excess. Thanks! When I first make these bars at home, no one couldn’t even find out that they were homemade by the looks of them,but soon, a single bite made them realize how rich and tasty homemade chocolate bars can be. Thank you! These look great! Hi Laura Use either semi-sweet/bitter-sweet or dark, My favorite way to finishing these homemade bounty bars is by sprinkling them with coconut as well as some edible. This recipe for 3 ingredient homemade Bounty bars shows you how easy it is to recreate this much loved chocolate bar at home. Because they all have different levels of sweetness, you might need to experiment with the quantity, when making it for the first time. I can't find 'dessicated coconut flour'. The only reason I wouldn't recommend is the high percentage of saturated fat and calories contained in coconut cream, I think we really don't need those extras , Your email address will not be published. Take the set mixture out and slice into 18 pieces (into 6 strips and each strip into 3). About Andrea • Work with me •Nutrition Disclaimer •Terms •Privacy policy • Top ↑ Here’s what readers who have already tried them out had to say about this delicious homemade bounty bars recipe. You can stir melted dark chocolate or chocolate chips into the batter! Hi Linda, sorry to hear that What kind of chocolate did you use? You only need the coconut cream for this recipe, but please don't discard the water, use it for something else, smoothies or porridge, etc. These are possibly the BEST chocolate bars I have ever tasted. Thank you so much for the lovely feedback Simona, I'm so happy to hear you liked them! Loved how easy and convenient this recipe is!! Layer a baking tray with a parchment sheet and keep it ready aside. By using our site you consent cookies. Thank you. Thanks for the recipe!!! In the meantime melt the chocolate in the microwave, or in a heat-proof bowl over a pan filled with simmering water. You will only need the solid part of the coconut milk, so make sure not to shake the can before opening, then discard the water and use the solid creamy coconut milk at the base. By making them at home, we can easily adjust the ingredients as per the desired taste.

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