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godin 5th avenue guitar

Moving soon and need to let go of some of my guitars to make room. Godin 5th Avenue Jazz. Image 4 of 4. Please contact Jeff at (705) 329-2913. Godin 5th Avenue Jazz. With the soul of a 1950s archtop, the 5th Avenue is a true vintage spirit of yesterday with todays level of modern playability. Tidy binding and a beautiful 'burst adorn the guitar's 14th-fret join. We found the 5th Avenue Jazz's neck angle a little steep. Godin - 5th Ave - Night Club Selling this terrific Indigo Blue, Godin - 5th Ave - Night Club, with Bigsby. Godin 5th Avenue Jazz . The guitar comes with a deluxe Godin guitar case. The 5th Avenue Jazz's humbucker has a full-bodied voice with excellent top-end clarity. It''s not just a jazz guitar; this versatile guitar can handle a wide variety of styles, from slide to alt-country and blues. No trades and serious inquiries only please. The Godin 5th Avenue brings you back to a time when the archtop acoustic guitar reigned supreme. The Final Mojo The 5th Avenue is an excellent crossover guitar. From Alt-Country, Delta Blues, Slide, Jazz to Rock, the 5th Avenue can really deliver both acoustically and electrically. Image 3 of 4. The Godin 5th Avenue now makes the affordable North American archtop guitar a reality! The guitar plays beautifully and can be seen and played at Gilbert Guitars in Orillia. Godin 5th Avenue Guitar Updated April 26, 2019 – By Evan Haga With the plethora of electrified hollowbody axes available today-flattops with piezos, acoustic archtops with piezos or magnetic pickups, semi-hollowbodies, et al.-Godin’s “’50s-style” 5th Avenue acoustic archtop comes across as a fairly shocking anachronism. Bringing together features like a Canadian wild cherry archtop, sides, and back, silver leaf maple neck, and rowdy Kingpin P-90 neck pickup, the Godin 5th The Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin Hollowbody infuses a modern instrument with classic construction. Adding a pickup would open up a whole new sonic world, which Godin did with the King Pin model, which features a P-90 in the neck position.

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