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fresh frozen bubble hash

Pollen Master 4500: Easiest, Most Cost Effective Tricho... Australian Capital Legalizes Recreational Use, Rosin Tech Major Keys: How To Choose Your Filter Bags. Fill the machine with cold RO water and let it chill for 10-15 minutes. My refrigerator-freezer keeps ice solid, but wasn't cold enough to freeze the buds solid. e. Hey Dani, I hope that helps, best wishes and happy hashing! So I'm going the chill route. It must be the poor quality of my too-early harvest from the last 4-seasons, but my 220, 190, 160 have very little "oil" in them and the 90 can be full melt occasionally, but for some reason the 45u always taste bad. All the best! I already own a thermometer, so I would like to dial-in the refrigerator to the correct F. temp. 2017-09-15 First time running fresh frozen Goung to be freezing and micro planning afterwards. So, I've decided that since I only have the three plants this season, I'd better make the best hash I can that will stay malleable in a sheet or ball. Hello, Thanx Dani! I use a silicone kitchen spoon and hand stir gently for 6-8 min. But there’s a decision to be made after the plants have been harvested. This season I'm waiting until all of the trichs are dull-white, with a scattering of amber trichs. Another point is microplaning: I really recommend you to freeze and microplane your fresh resin, as I say it is incredibly sticky and really hard to chop/sieve without a microplane. Fresh and fresh frozen just gum up in the bags. 10103157eeery gently, you don't want to lose any head. Tim Alchimia Thanks for your confidence!! I let the fresh buds sit in pre-churned ice water for 30-min. ;), Hydra-Glide And no problem abut mixing it with sugar leaf, although if you take a look with a microscope you'll usually notice much more bulbous, sessile and cystolythic trichomes on the leaf (if the hash was for a cup, I'd use only bud). The use of a freeze drier is for drying your bubble hash. 2017-09-15 Hi Me, Whatever you choose, keep it sealed! We need the same exact materials used for this type of extractions: a bucket, a set of collection bags to isolate and collect the different resin grades, ice cubes, water, and something to stir the mix in case we are not using a washing machine. Then I take it out of the freezer and micro-plane finely it over a sheet of parchment to dry. Also I've head that hard freezing the buds causes the trich-glands to be pierced by icicles. of 25u that cures into full-melt. Since I want the best possible quality in the first run, I wash my buds with water before putting them in the washing machine. Hello new grower 1st time hash maker. I normally have a bed of ice cubes in the machine, put the buds inside and cover them with more ice. I have Ziploc bags or containers. In this way, resin is frozen and thus much easier to handle. 2017-09-29 2017-09-19 Talk soon!! One thing I've learned is that it is really hard to improve your skills if you don't!! Or can you just let it dry in Patty form? Hi Hydra Glide, Our recommendation is to run side-by-side tests of the cultivars you’re working with and find the method that you prefer for that particular strain. But, I'd like you to see my set-up with my 220-washing bag in the 6-gallon RV washing machine. Got them on amazon. I use a silicone kitchen spoon and hand stir gently for 6-8 min. Once done, remove the bag with the ice cubes and the buds. Thnx Once the plant material is frozen, put it in the bucket and gently stir the mix for a few minutes (3-10 minutes for the first run). So thanks! From a simple quality perspective, maturation processes like curing tend to improve the flavor and aroma of your hash. :), Hydra-Glide In fact, here at Rosin Tech we would recommend rosin makers explore curing their rosin rather than their hash, as this will have a much larger impact on your end results. 2017-09-29 However, running 651g of dried on a "30-minute second run", left more green-leaf contamination than desirable. The first plant to go is the Vanilla Kush with 56-days since flower-puffs appeared, but I'm taking it to 64-days or until I get more amber trichs. I'm going to run about 400g. ;) When making bubble hash you want your weed frozen. They love the process and "bro-ing down" experiences that are rare-finds these days. If my chill-trim produces any worthy mesh-hash, then I'll start cutting off the lower branch buds whole, chilling them overnight at 39F and then making bubble. I let them chill again in the washing machine for 10 minutes )with water and ice cubes) then I run it for 3-5 minutes. This is a lot more labor intensive, but its often the difference between amazing full melt bubble and the brown dried out powdery stuff. I normally use a couple of frozen spoons to scrap it from the bags, it works much better than plastic/silicone cards. Hoping all is well and good. Hello Hydra-Glide, 2017-10-08 bucket, I can't bare the thought of losing more 25u trichs than necessary by shaking the bag to drain it. Hey guys about to do my first fresh chilled run, kept the already trimmed and chopped buds in the fridge for a day at 2 degrees Celsius. A few weeks of curing tends to prevent this from occurring, and is probably the main reason top flight hash makers employ it – so that their hash maintains a consistent appearance and structure over extended periods of time. Hey Hash Baby, thanks for your comment and question. Tim, Can anyone tell me why i alway get shatter consistency when i do rosin hash? My biggest buds will be cut and dried, while saving the frosted-trim for an overnight chill. Wooden spoon and the elbow power or a sheetrock mixer for a drill or maybe paddles for paint mixing? Zach One method is to hang dry the flowers as you would for smoking the buds. ? Harvesting cannabis at its peak trichome development and terpene production allows the hash maker to harness the fullest potential of the plant. Plan on making bubble hash with my plants once they come off very soon, I keep seeing people talk about fresh frozen... is this done with a freeze dryer or just a regular old freezer. Hey man, this question grabbed my attention bc I am in the same boat, harvesting soon and wanting to make bubble hash and then hash rosin. Or is it possible just to use a regular freezer with fresh in cured flower, Press J to jump to the feed. Running material twice isnt that much extra work if you do it right though: I put 1/3 ice 1/3 product and 1/3 water in a bucket with just the work bag in it and hand mix it gently for 6-8 min. go through the bubble-experience will be a voice on our side. ;) For hash makers curing is a no-brainer, and should absolutely be employed as it simply results in a better quality end product that stores well. First Time Rosin Presser: 3 Forgiving Strains for Begin... First Time Rosin Presser: 5 Mistakes Not to Make. Hi Ryan, Thanks for your question.

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