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Most students can’t answer questions fast enough because they are surprised by the word order used in French to ask a question. ENGLISH. Available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. combien de + noun? How to Ask for Specific Information with French Question Words = Do you speak French? It is not so in French: you HAVE TO group the preposition with the interrogative expression, in other Sign Up For A FREE Trial French Lesson On Skype And Get Instant Access To My French Pronunciation Crash Course. Understanding questions in French fast is the key to a successful conversation. (Your actual question was. When you’re pretty sure the answer is yes, you may use the tag expressions “n’est-ce pas ?” or “non ?”, Pourquoi = why – Note: to answer, use: parce que (parce qu’il-s, parce qu’elle-s). Based on my students' goals and needs, I've created unique downloadable French audiobooks focussing on French like it's spoken today, for all levels. The modern everyday way to ask questions is much easier, if you ask me! quoi = what (used mostly in Street French: tu fais quoi ? In this free French lesson, I’ll explain the 4 ways of asking questions in French and give you lists of common French question words (aka interrogative expressions…). whether you are referring to people or to things, whether you are referring to the subject or object of the verb (the subject is the person or thing that is carrying out the action described by the verb; the object is the person or thing that ‘receives’ the action), whether the word you use will come after a preposition such as, English speakers often use an expression like, He asked me what the time was. Asking questions fast, and being able to understand them fast as well, is an essential part of French conversation. Clear explanations + lists of common & more complex French question words. In inversion, you pretty much invert the subject verb order, placing the verb first.Pourquoi vas-tu à Paris ? Que or qu’ = what + verb… as in what are you doing ? Inversion is the most formal way of asking a question in French yet it’s still very much used, especially when using an interrogative expression. I hope this lesson helps. Most of my audiobooks are recorded at several speeds to help you conquer the modern French language. Quel = which/what + masculine singular noun, quels = which/what + masculine plural noun, quelle = = which/what + feminine singular noun, quelles = which/what + feminine plural noun, Chez quell (ami) = At which (friend’s) place. how? Good luck with your studies and remember, repetition is the key! In spoken English, it is common to put a preposition at the end of the sentence. = Why are you going to Paris?Avec qui voyagez-vous ? comment? We have basically 4 ways of asking questions in French: Now let’s study the different ways of asking questions in French in details. To insist on the fact that you’re asking a question, you may use “est-ce que”. Log in. = You like France, don’t you? But it’s only used as a tag question, when you are almost sure the answer is “yes”. Includes dialog, study guide and full transcript + translations. So I dedicated a whole audiobook to this subject: secrets of French conversation. “Est-ce que” is pronounced [S keu] and it takes elision, so when followed by a vowel or an h, it becomes “est-ce qu’il(s)” [S kil], “est-ce qu’elle(s)” [S kel] etc…, “Est-ce que” means nothing by itself (watch out! = You are French, right /aren’t you? Gratitude is the state of feeling grateful . You just raise your intonation towards the end of the sentence!Vous parlez français ? In French, you always have to say the preposition. BLACK FRIDAY 40% OFF SALE – ENDS IN Hrs Min Sec. How long is she going to play the piano (for)? If you’d like to stay informed of new free lesson release, please subscribe to my newsletter. Born and raised in Paris, I have been teaching today's French to adults for 23+ years in the US and France. I am going to list the most common ones below, but there are more. There is more to say about asking question with inversion since the construct can be quite complex.

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