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ecoline watercolor color chart

I’ll make sure to get some and try it out. Dr. Ph. Are they lightfast? amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; What paper? This chart is about 20x20-inches, hangs beside my desk, and is a constant and reliable reference. I havent use that before. really depends on the end goal of the project. Does the liquid watercolor last long? The Ecoline Liquid Watercolors come in 46 transparent colors and 2 opaque colors (white and gold). This piece was done with a combo of the Ecoline Watercolors and Bombay Inks. I’m working on a video tutorial to show how I did the paintings in this post. Available in 36 colors. The Bombay India Inks are “inks” and the Ecolines are a “liquid watercolor”. If you have additional questions about the Ecoline Liquid Watercolors that I didn’t address in this post, leave me a note in the comments! Martin’s Hydrus watercolor and Dr. Ph. Or do you add so little that it doesn’t matter? I don’t add any acrylic medium. The benefit of this is that you so you “reactivate” them with water and keep working on them even after they’ve dried. No, so you’ll want to store you work in a portfolio to keep the colors bright. My Ecoline Brush Pens are on the way, so I’ll be sharing a full review of those in a coming DND Favorite Things post! Dawn Nicole Designs LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I have the Bombay but not the Hydrus. Dr. Ph. hello Nicole, what’s the difference between Dr. Ph. The ones I use most are the no 1, 4 and 6 round brushes. Hi Allison! If I add the lightfast medium, it doesn’t really affect color because it’s pretty transparent. I just bought the Ecolone liquid watercolor and not sure how to use them! amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Is there paper I can use with both the watercolor and tombow brush pens? Sorry if I asked a stupid question XD, Hi Candice! Ecoline Set of 30 Brush Pens These are the first 30 original Ecoline Brush Pen colors. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; What do I use with them? Hi Rebekah! I use my Dr. Ph Martin’s with my dip pen but haven’t tried ecoline with my dip pen yet! Here are my two cents! It's great for painting, drawing, graphic design, illustration, lettering, and more. Radiant is dye-based, extremely concentrated and more vibrant than just about anything else you’ll ever try. Are there any pens/markers I can’t dip into the watercolors? I read the description on their website and they said both are lightfast and permanent but if I read well, Hydrus are not waterproof…maybe it’s a kind of ink between Ecoline and Bombay… i think i will try Bombay and Hydrus! Get FREE practice sheets and lettering tips in your inbox every month! The upside of the Ecoline Liquid Watercolor is that it’s easier to fix mistakes since it’s non-permanent. Hi! I’m a full-time lettering artist based in Charleston, SC. I had never thought of using Ecoline. Facebook // Pinterest // Instagram // Etsy. The Bombay India Inks are “inks” and the Ecolines are a “liquid watercolor”. You can usually find me with a coffee in one hand and Apple Pencil in the other. I’d say no for Sharpies but I’m not for sure on that one! Check out my past Favorite Things Art Supply reviews here. The guide contains complete instructions for creating a mega watercolor mixing chart like the one featured above. Do I use water at all? Lightfastness is a property of an ink/paint/watercolor that describes how resistant to fading it is when exposed to light. Since you’re using a white acrylic medium, does it alter the color at all? They’re popular right now, so they go in and out of stock a lot! Sorry for all of the questions. These watercolors are all the rage on social media! Dawn is the Hand-Lettering Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Tombow Senior Brand Ambassador, and the Creative Blogger behind Dawn Nicole Designs®. Nibbed pens or paint brushes? Brilliant Colors of Liquid Watercolor - dilutable with water and rewettable Ecoline Liquid Watercolors by Royal Talens are highly intense, saturated dye-based liquid watercolors that dry within minutes and bring every piece of art to life. How much water you add depends on how opaque and bright you want your colors to be! If you want to use your Tombow’s on it too, go for “Hot Press” watercolor paper. They are a little more opaque than Hydrus and flow like something between a traditional ink and a watercolor. You can usually find her with an Apple Pencil in one hand, coffee in the other, and a German Shepherd (or two) under her feet. amzn_assoc_asins = "B01GCZO8FY,B008D1KUX0,B008D1KV7A,B005HE1KTY"; Because it is dye based it’s not lightfast or waterproof. Get exclusive FREE practice sheets each month! I don’t use much water because I like mine super bright. I use 140lb cold press watercolor paper (by Canson) and I have a basic set of watercolor brushes. Do they live up to they hype? No, they are not waterproof when dry. It’s smoother so it’s gentler on your Tombow tips! The content of this website is ©Dawn Nicole Designs, LLC unless otherwise noted. The colors are gorgeous and I’ve been having so much fun playing with them! How much do you typically add? This is so nice! Thanks! Do they come in a wide array of colors? Some posts may contain affiliate links. See our full disclosures, The Basics of Creating Mixed Lettering Styles, 10 Lettering and Calligraphy Books for Beginners, 10 Lettering Books Fabulous for Inspiration, Best Brush Calligraphy Pens for Beginners.

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