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dr mrs vandertramp english

Also known as Dr Mrs. Vandertrampp or even La Maison d’Etre, Dr Mrs P. Vandertramp is an acronym that is often taught to French students to help them remember which verbs use « être » as a helping verb when employing the past participle. Devenir (to become) past participle: devenu Revenir (to come back) past participle: revenu Monter (to climb) past participle: monté Rester (to stay) past participle: resté Sortir (to leave) past participle: sorti Passer (to pass) past participle: passé Venir (to come) past participle: venu Aller (to go) past participle:allé Naître (to be born) past participle:né Descendre (to descend) past participle:descendu Entrer (to enter) past participle:entré R… Just to make things simple think of the past participle as the past form of the word. It includes the house of être verbs used in French passé composé. Lists all verbs with English translation and irregular past participle if applicable. This is a Dr. & Mrs. Vandertramp poster. case you haven't noticed, the definitions go meaning; past partic… Dr. and Mrs. Vandertramp- French Verbs that use "Être" in the passé composé (meanings). Includes two legal sized pages which you will have to put together.

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