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compensated classical guitar saddle

Although the tech said that compensation wasn't a cure all in every case he had used it succesfull. Easy job for this novice. However, some players prefer synthetic material as it allows the strings to slide around easier which allows the guitar to stay in tune longer. I will respond back to you as soon as possible after I receive the incoming If you put it in a standard envelope, the mail sorting machines 1. St Marys, GA 31558. by Moderato » Saturday 23 October 2010, 12:02 pm, Return to “Archives of Public Space and its subforums”, Users browsing this forum: augustine, Chris Delisa and 10 guests, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. The ‘hardness’ of the material, also has an influence on how well the saddle ‘transfers energy’ through the guitar. This setup can work fine for the average player, who doesn’t play much on the higher frets or play lead lines. by Moderato » Thursday 07 October 2010, 23:37 pm, Post MOST saddles are quite easy for me to reproduce, but Don't make a new nut just to fix a low slot—fill it! It installed perfectly. I feel as though the bleaching process denigrates the bone quality. Keep in mind, that over time the saddle can wear down and cause problems with intonation so a simple replacement can be an easy fix. Compensated acoustic guitar saddles help to unify the tension between the high G, B, and E, resulting in a more “in-tune” sound across the instrument. Unbleached "Vintage" bone saddle, 3-1/2" x 3/32" x 5/16". by James Lister » Thursday 07 October 2010, 07:27 am, Post I am very interested in the opinions of luthiers on this subject. Thanks, Stewmac. Save on Over 900 Items, Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. Here are some interesting functions of the saddle and why both types are used on various acoustics…. This post will delve into how different pots... Hey, Adam here! His article about this is available online, and there is a video of his talk and demo available from the Guild of American Luthiers. See the page entitled Calculating Fret Positionson this site for more info on fret placement. We now use them on all models." Final trimming required; please measure your bridge slot before ordering. Nut compensation is being talked about more now, and the Greg Byers article is often discussed. One other important note:  For example, if the fretted note on the 12th fret is a sharper pitch to the harmonic note the intonation needs to be adjusted. I have built a UKE, a MEGATAR, and an ACOUSTIC GUITAR, and bought "everything" from STEWMAC. Not much to say here, this material usually comes as stock with cheap acoustics so replacing a saddle with a better material such as bone will definitely improve the playability and tone. by James Lister » Thursday 07 October 2010, 21:19 pm, Post (Full Guide). I have passionately played guitar for over 15 years, I created Tone Topics to help guitarists out there with the best information and advice on guitars, gear, and general topics. How much furtherI go with this is still up in he air. We must have this degree of by FrankBlack » Thursday 07 October 2010, 22:45 pm, Post Translating to how much dynamic tone the guitar ‘sustains’. a case-by-case basis. will tear it out! requests for copies be done via Email, as that will allow me to do some So what are differences between a compensated and uncompensated saddle? day, and this is the best way to ensure your replacement saddle Bone is the most popular choice for saddles which comes down to the material being one of the hardest which is best for sound and vibration transfer. It also sets the height of the action, dictating the pressure required to fret notes and chords. Personally, I find his results surprising, and my guitars, with the strings I use (Pro-Arte), don't need anything like the nut compensation he suggests. I fully expected to have one installed by now but as it trns out Earvana does not specifically make one for classical or nylon strings although they say that they plan to. 882-1321  and I will gladly take your order/card number over the phone. Be advised although the new bone saddle comes pre-compensated , it is not sized to length and will need to be trimmed to (length) size. The have one that will work but my tech was against using using it because he didn't like the material it was made from. For fretless instruments the bridge is generally located at the nominal bridge position. The sizes have been carefully researched, and accurately radiused, so that minor trimming, slotting, and sanding are usually all you'll need to do. Interestingly, Such a small component can impact your tone more than you think. I am using this on an Ibanez classical guitar. I bought two and plan on trying two different heights of the strings and see which improves the playability the most. My If you send me a saddle link to Gibson ES-335 vs. Epiphone Dot (Guitar Face-Off), link to Do Guitar Pots Affect Guitar Tone? It's not horrible but it is noticeable and I think by almost any expereinced musician can hear it. An uncompensated or (non-compensated) is a straight saddle absent of any grooves or raised edges. (73.81mm x 10.32mm x 2.78mm) You will lose volume with synthetic plastics but not as much tonally compared to a plastic saddle which comes as standard on dirt cheap acoustics. A compensated saddle includes ‘grooves’ or ‘notches’ where the high E, B and G strings rest. I wanted to hear good or bad from others who had tried it on their own guitars before jumping in. Please enjoy all the content on the site and support us by sharing these posts with other people. Your Price $ 11.60 msrp:13.65,lowPrice:11.6. I’d usually recommend the saddle that the manufacturer installed as stock. Why change your saddle? The tech that is working on my guitar and who specalizes in classical guitars spent about an hour with me last week explaining why this is so and what I could possibly do about it incluing lowering the strings and changing string brands and types, intonating the saddle and possibly installing a compensating nut. The other purpose of the saddle is to take the vibrations from the bridge and transfer them to the top wood of the guitar. Shaped saddles will save you a LOT of work—a head start for the novice, and a timesaver for the busy shop. Open quick view dialog for Graph Tech TUSQ XL 1/4" Epiphone Slotted Nut - Aged White I am a satisfied customer. 2 - I think the Byers' method could be applied to an existing guitar without altering the fretboard or the fret positions. available on a case by case basis for Elephant and W. African Enjoy all the free information on the site. by Robert England » Thursday 07 October 2010, 03:39 am, Post by Hybrid » Thursday 07 October 2010, 03:42 am, Post This material sands very nicely. Don't make a new nut just to fix a low slot—fill it! Some of these include Amazon Associates, Reverb, and Rakuten Affiliate. When lightly dropped onto a hard surface, this TUSQ saddle has a nice, high-pitched, glassy sound. saddle is not listed! I was looking for a drop-in replacement for one of my Martins. This depends on the saddle material and the set-up which I discuss further down the post. It's also not possible to tell from the website (or the installation instructions) whether you can adjust the nut compensation individually for each string - if you can't, then again there's not much chance of it working for a nylon string guitar.

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