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bundaberg root beer taste

Required fields are marked *. It’s the closest I’ve found to the root beer of my youth! However, try this at your own risk since it does essentially go over the products intended shelf life. Hopefully that will create a more organic review process moving forward. Not a bad taste, simply different. If you bought this expecting root beer, I don’t blame you one little bit for returning it for a refund. Rating: +9 (from 11 votes) August 10, 2015 at 12:57 pm Reply; Mary Stark Horsley. I was almost worried that someone had put something toxic in it and I was going to turn into a headline for a root beer recall. so bad I couldn’t spell “vinegar” correctly. Over time, one can become accustomed to the sour flavor, but it’s still not very palatable. I am sad by not liking it. The yeasty molasses gives it a bitter twang, but I like it. Thank you. I will try any brand. The first is Carters root beer sold in the UK in Asda (Walmart). Yes, it was labeled root beer, as Admin concurred. Had it for the first time today. I love trying new Root Beers. Every time iI take a sip, I feel like a wine sommelier…but with rootbeer! This is a great tasting root beer. Look up the ingredients of A&W and they do not have either of these ingredients. I love a good root beer, but Bundaberg is not it. It is the only micro-brewed root beer that you can taste the separate flavors sliding down your tongue and throat while enjoying a wonderful sip of this rooty nectar. You Virgil’s folks will know what I am talking about…just a dreamy beverage. Bundaberg are premium craft-brewed soft drinks from Australia made with an unwavering dedication to exceptional taste. You're also getting more root beer … The flavours include: So many people complaining on how this isn’t “real” Root beer fail to understand that the original flavorings of the concoction was Sasparilla or Sassafras. I’ve noticed that all the root beers on this site that have bold flavors are either well-liked or not. As a one off novelty, it’s different. It’s like a carnival. Quite Bad. I hated my first bottle of bundaberg… Ironically I forgot I had someone and after an 8 month stint in the back of my fridge the sharp flavors everyone’s noting mellowed out. Like the review says, it really isn’t traditional root beer. They’ve just got to have that A+W high fructose corn syrup and artificial root beer “flavors.”. Anyhoo, Bundaberg root beer is good or fair dunkum. Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. Anyhoo, Bundaberg root beer is good or fair dunkum. I love a good root beer, but Bundaberg is not it. A younger member of the BBD family, this tangy, zesty citrus brew will get your taste … Sorry….. two drinks into the bottle and I had to pour it out. This was the WORST root beer ever, but I decided to give it another shot. I did like the licorice notes, but it definitely dominates the mix. I have a hard time deciding how to label this. So which really is the OG root beer here? No matter what though, this is quite a unique root beer creation. Brewed for over three days to extract maximum flavour our Sarsaparilla delivers a nostalgic experience like no other. The colors are dulled, which is exactly what I have come to expect for that succinct root beer visual experience. I still think St. Arnold’s root beer is the absolute best, though. Me thinks so! It was described as tasting like bad BEER beer. Root Beer. As an avid root beer fan for many many years I try every new brand I get a chance to. DO NOT BUY THIS ROOT BEER! Anyone who’s used to macro root beers with a ton of sugar flavor and no citric acid won’t like it. Urine is the taste that comes to mind with this root beer. You're also getting more root beer too with a larger bottle at 375ml. Not much fizz, wimpy taste that certainly is not root beer…must be something else. You know nothing. I really wanted to like this brew, because it’s both highly recommended, and very aesthetic. To my knowledge, this is my first Australian root beer and I’m looking forward to trying it out. On the other hand, Bundaberg ginger beer is pretty good. Is it good? Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Pty Ltd is an Australian organization that brews different kinds of soft drinks, including ginger beer, cream soda, and some pretty interesting tropical flavored drinks. This is a beverage that is NOT root beer. I love Root Beer. — BUNDABERG ROOT BEER — Bundaberg is sold in a cute shortie bottle, as if to say “everyone will know how expensive this root beer was because, hey look, it’s in a short bottle!”. None of the American junk put into this drink and that gives it a more natural flavor, kind of strong, and with the root taste and an almost beer like taste. Absolutely for the soiree palate’s of the homeless. My only complaint – too much sugar in it, probably to cover up the taste. This is the second worst ‘root beer’ that I have tasted. It looks like an old medicine bottle, and if my information is correct, that’s what these kinds of brews used to be in 19th and early 20th centuries.

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