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I will not resign myself to the usual lot of women who bow their heads and become concubines. The original designation area covered the bow section of the ship, and the scatter of broken pottery. For instance, you may choose to progress to a recurve bow, or a compound bow, or the more basic longbow. 2 will be faint; outside the band there will be perceptible darkening until the second bow comes into view. Package them in a small favor box and add a large festive Halloween bow. This short man nodded to Dolgorukov as to an intimate friend and stared at Prince Andrew with cool intensity, walking straight toward him and evidently expecting him to bow or to step out of his way. The plates, put on in rows from bow to stern, are called strakes. Sentence types can also be combined. Pew décor can be small wreaths or even a white bow with mistletoe in the center. Fred O'Connor sauntered into the room, resplendent in bow tie and jacket, carrying a plate of cinnamon toast. isles of the sea Bow to our bidding and bring us their treasure Of grain and of gold. In the central chamber lay the skeleton of the ancient chief, with his sword, his spear, his bow and a quiver full of arrows. Charlton also saw influential midfielder chapman limp off in the 19th minute as Husselbee made her senior bow for the Addicks. Write – She is writing an essay. exclaimed Prince Andrew, and with a bow to them both he went out. The spectators applaud or hiss according as they make their bow well or ill. Before Him they all bow in worship and acknowledge that by Him were created all things and of His own free will were all created. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. A red McLaren Spyder with a huge white bow on top sat in front of the house. With the exception of Xander's quick bow, they entered the interrogation room without acknowledging the Black God. 66, and lettered according to Bow's method. A noun is a person, a place, or a thing. 4 The government had to bow to public pressure. In the same way, he showed that the secondary bow has a greater radius than that previously assigned to it. The bow is held in the right hand with an underhand grip similar to that used by an Elizabethan viol player. Mat a large collage of photos onto a patterned paper background with a bow on the top for a clever present embellishment. [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples — often used figuratively to say that someone deserves to be praised The people who organized the festival should take a bow for its remarkable success. Just like letters build words, words build sentences. In Japan, it is common to bow when meeting someone. malting barley in the Bow of Fife for over 60 years. His books on Colonial Defence and Colonial Opinions (1873), The Defence of Great and Greater Britain (1879),(1879), Naval Intelligence and the Protection of Commerce (1881), The Use and the Application of Marine Forces (1883), Imperial Federation: Naval and Military (1887), followed later by other similar works, made him well known among the rising school of Imperialists, and he was returned to parliament (1886-1892) as Conservative member for Bow, and afterwards (1895-1906) for Great Yarmouth. The body seems very sturdy, with a soldered bottom bow joint. He returned the bow to the nearest guard. Ministers will announce that they see no reason to bow to the demands of a vociferous lobby led by Asda, B&Q and Ikea. Jake turned and stared at him, dropped an awkward bow, and straightened, his mouth lax. 'Michael,' he says, 'come here and bow down to his feet; and you, young woman, you bow down too; and you, grandchildren, also bow down before him! ); De modis uniendi ac reformandi ecclesiam and De difficultate reformationis in concilio universali, advocating the convocation of a council, to which the pope is to bow; Contra dampnatos Wiclivitas Pragae, against the Hussites; Jura ac privilegia imperii, a glorification of the empire in view of the convocation of the council of Constance; Avisamenta pulcherrima de unione et reformatione membrorum et capitis fienda, a programme of church reform based on his experiences of the evils of the papal system. rudder shaft can be seen about 0.8 m back from the bow, operated by a linkage from the handlebars. "Ikira, I'm honored," the dark-haired man said with a bow and a thick Spanish accent. Browse their inventory according to aquarium shapes, which includes L-shape, hexagon, cylinder and bow front aquariums. 22 She tied the ribbon tightly in a bow/knot. A bow window looks out onto the garden and stream and there are beams galore. All Rights Reserved, Nautical Terms Acronyms and Abbreviations. 26 As both a novelist and a university lecturer, she has two strings to her bow. I would never stoop to bow down to a god of stone or an idol of wood or jewels ! Again, without sentences, there’s no real communication. The oldest known coins are the electrum coins of the earlier Mermnads (Madden, Coins of the Jews, pp. In the 13th century it was held by Nicholas Fitz Martin of the earl of Gloucester for the service of finding a bow with three arrows to attend the earl when he should hunt in Gower. Examples of how to use “bulbous bow” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs Even when, on the invention of gunpowder and firearms, the bow had fallen into disuse as a weapon of war, the prohibition was continued. They do not represent the opinions of We are thus able to fix its exact position; for a little to the west of Bow church is Bread Street, then came a block of houses, and the next thoroughfare was Friday Street. In 1913 a trial was conducted using a false bow, representing a torpedo gunboat, fitted to an old vessel called Mastiff. In 1910 he was elected Labour M.P. The rudder shaft can be seen about 0.8 m back from the bow, operated by a linkage from the handlebars. Special Features Enclosed skeg box, two access ports, on deck storage, removable bow line. Alp Arslan, the most skilful archer of his day, motioned to his guards not to interfere and drew his bow, but his foot slipped, the arrow glanced aside and he received the assassin's dagger in his breast. Their national instrument, the gusle (gusla), is a single-stringed fiddle, often roughly fashioned of wood and ox-hide, the bow being strung with horsehair. I wore a little badge in the shape of a bow. Their foes were chiefly Jews, whose opposition was due partly to a stiff-necked disinclination to bow to the wider reading of their own religion - to which the Holy Spirit had from of old been pointing (cf. You can purchase Rad Cat at several online pet food stores, such as Pookie's Bow Wow Bakery and Lizzy's Healthy Pet Food. bow down thyself nor serve them... Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain. We know that the rites at Mozdalifa were originally connected with a holy hill bearing the name of the god Quzah (the Edomite Koze) whose bow is the rainbow, and there is reason to think that the ifadas from Arafa and Quzah, which were not made as now after sunset and before sunrise, but when the sun rested on the tops of the mountains, were ceremonies of farewell and salutation to the sun-god. shirt with a white collar, white bow tie and bands. Wrap a small bundle of cinnamon sticks together with a pretty ribbon tied in a bow (leave a loop for hanging). Dean paused at the County's sole traffic light, a recent addition and, in some minds, a reluctant bow to progress. bailed to appear at Bow St Magistrates Court on 2 July 2003. With a graceful bow, they left their treasures behind and departed Spain. Farther south, such summits as High Seat, Whernside, Bow Fell, Penyghent and many others, all over 2000 ft.

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