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best korean serum for sensitive skin

12 Best Selling Korean Serums For Good Skin. Src. Cho and Schook also report that the new wave of trendy ingredients in Korean skin care are ones that calm skin redness and irritation. Ingredients like cica and madecassoside, compounds of the calming plant extract Centella asiatica, have been popping up thanks to brands such as Neogen, and they form the backbone of Dr. Jart+’s culty Cicapair line . If you are looking out for an effective Korean Serum ... #2 – Best For Dry Skin – CORSX Propolis Light Ampule. Arguably your ultimate partner-in-prime, this moisturising lightweight serum … #3 – Best For Acne Prone Skin- … Why we love this? Wearing under makeup. #1 – Best For All Skin Types- The Face Shop White Seed Brightening Toner.

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