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benefits of reading in the morning

All Rights Reserved. But all of that changed as soon as I created a morning routine. I guarantee you will accelerate your personal growth much faster than ever before. A lot. Research shows that 7.00 and 11.00 in the morning is the best time to do things like mathematics and problem-solving activities. Instead, I started looking at it as a tool that could benefit my professional and personal life. This is incredibly powerful, as it becomes harder and harder to work on your self-improvement later on in the day. Reading newspaper makes every student an active learner. By reading more, you’ll be better equipped to excel in business and life. Students’ brains tend to be sharpest in the morning, after a refreshing night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast. Better Writing Skills Try carving out a 20-minute time slot each morning to read up on what's happening around you. That’s what I’m going to share with you in this post. All in all, in my opinion, reading is the key to self-improvement. And by reading in the morning, you truly maximize the benefits of this powerful habit. 5. Reading books daily can improve you memory power significantly. Published on November 12, 2016 November 12, 2016 • 29 Likes • 17 Comments Some books will open your eyes to new things that you didn’t even know existed. Rather, try to turn Netflix into a reward after a day filled with meaningful hard work instead of it simply being a habit that you automatically do. How to Increase Brain Power, Boost Memory and Become 10X Smarter, Can’t Focus? Improvement in Memory power. 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A great novel can transport you to far-away places or long-lost times. Some of the world’s busiest people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have the same 24 hours in a day as you do, and they manage to read 50+ books a year too. It’s crazy to realize that you can literally grab a book for less than $20 and learn in just a few hours what took the author years to learn. Knowledge is only POTENTIAL power. It’s often just a matter of prioritizing what you spend your time on. To let the readers know about the significance of reading Quran at Fajr here are a few benefits: Religious obligation 18–23 books per year? Action is power.”. Others contended that reading newspapers in the morning gave them an idea of the challenges the day might bring. ... Whoever reads Surah Yaseen, Allah rewards him that is equal to that of reading the whole Quran.” –Tirmidhi 2812/A. Then, after finishing the entire book, I summarize those highlights into one Google Drive file so that I have my most valuable lessons in one place. Let me know in the comments which book you’re going to read :), Free Guide '27 Productivity Hacks For Superhuman Performance', 7 Lessons From Children’s Books That Will Change Your Perspective, The Functions of Imaginary Worlds in the Time of Crisis, 9 Quotes by Paulo Coelho That Will Change the Way You Live Your Life. Fisher Center For Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. Don’t forget that watching TV simply puts your mind on pause. One recent morning read of hers was Leadership Secrets of the Salvation Army by Ben Brown and Rob Watson. on your morning commute, if you take public transit), and you’ll be surprised at how much more focused you are once you get to the office. But the morning is probably the worst time to do so. Tip: To get the most out of a book, I highlight the most valuable insights and ideas. First of all, I think most people have a lot more time than they realize. Important Benefits of Reading books daily Image Source: . In fact, I dare to say that I’ve learned 10x as much from reading self-help books than I did from my entire university education.. And yes, I did pay attention in class! When I read Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way at 19 and learned about the concept of morning pages (aka writing three pages first thing in the morning), I no longer felt pressure to get a handle on my journaling habit. With the passage of time students gets command on reading that really helps them in their studies as well. The powerful thing that I notice when I read in the morning is that I gain valuable new ideas or insights that I usually implement the exact same day. Try reading for 15-20 minutes before work (i.e. Another big benefit of reading in the morning is that you start your day on fire. Therefore, in this article, I’ll specifically focus on 5 of the most powerful benefits that journaling provides when you do it as part of your morning routine. 1. Simply because I don’t have the time or energy to implement these new ideas in my day anymore, I end up not doing them. This way, you gain new insights and ideas that can potentially change your life (if you actually implement them). This helps you to retain more information … Did you know that by simply reading 15 minutes every single morning, you’d read approx. With a more alert brain, students have a better ability to recall details like names, places, dates and facts. The power of books is not just in the knowledge that you gain from them, but in the knowledge that you actually put into action. The reader not only gets reward for reading it but, it cleanses the soul, relieves stress, depression, anxiety and all sorts of mental illnesses. 8. So, as an action point for this article, for at least 15 minutes, read a non-fiction book tomorrow morning! The problem with Helen Hoang’s novel The Kissing Quotient. Whether it’s because I gain new ideas and I can’t wait to implement them or because of the inspirational story of the author, reading in the morning is one of the most effective ways to get me into a motivated state of mind to perform at my highest levels that particular day (much more so than watching TV or Netflix in the morning). Nowadays, I read for at least 15 minutes every single morning — and I discovered some amazing benefits from doing so. I wanted to read more books, but I just simply couldn’t find the time, energy or willpower to read consistently. Usually, when I read a business or self-help book in the morning, I feel motivated to go out and crush it that day. When you’ve worked all day, chances are that you’re too tired to read, your willpower has depleted and your ability to focus has decreased, so it becomes harder to pick up a book and read without getting tired or distracted. You don’t need to read for hours and hours on end (even though, you can), as long as you are consistent with your reading. Reading newspaper daily enhances the vocabulary of the students. If there’s one habit that almost all high-performers share, it’s that they read books. You’ll start your day inspired and motivated, you’ll gain valuable new insights and ideas that you can implement right away, and you’ll accelerate your personal growth much more than watching TV or Netflix. It numbs your thinking, reflection and creativity. Then, based on those lessons, I pick out a 5–10 action points that I want to implement within 30 days. Simply reading a book 30 minutes a day can confer numerous benefits such as: Illness reduction Reading books can mitigate the symptoms of severe mental illnesses, … By creating a solid morning routine, you carve out some ‘you’ time in which you can work on your self-improvement and on your goals. Therefore, I highly recommend you read at least 15 minutes every single morning. That is the power of reading. Ps. It’s almost like I can feel the passion of the author flow through the book and into my own mind.

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