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articles of incorporation

Filing Articles of incorporation registers the company as a corporation (C Corporation) with the state. The bylaws are the internal laws of the corporation. These documents must be filed with the appropriate government agency (starting with the Secretary of State where the business is … Articles of incorporation are also known as a corporate charter or a certificate of incorporation and it can be defined as a set of documents that are filed with a government institution for the purpose of legally documenting the foundation of a company and it is mandatory for the ones who are willing to incorporate a business. Why Articles of Incorporation are Important. S corporation articles of incorporation are the documentation needed in order to file when forming an S-corporation with the agency that governs over corporations in your state. Articles of Incorporation are formal legal documents used for the creation and management of a corporation in the United States. The articles must detail the name of the corporation, the number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue, the address of the initial registered office and registered agent, and the name and address of each incorporator. The information you put in the document describes your business and gives the state the necessary information required. Articles of Incorporation are legal papers filed with the state government when you are incorporating a business. Articles of incorporation is usually a requirement if you want to register a corporation. The Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation of the Corporation were filed with the Colorado Secretary of State on November 22, 2006. They take effect once the corporation is created, and control how the corporate governance is to operate. Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Colorado Secretary of State on January 29, 1992 and September 30, 2004. Articles of incorporation form a document that establishes a corporation as a separate business entity. The articles of incorporation are the founding documents of a corporation. Articles of Incorporation Definition. Hence, it is truly necessary for you to have this document at hand so that you can have a charter for your corporation to be established and recognizedCorporations can be formed and established if the business will operate in the particular state or location where it filed its articles of incorporation. Articles of incorporation is a legal document containing important information about the company, and it must be approved by the Secretary of State office. The articles become a public record and provide important information about the corporation, including its name, contact information, and information about its shares of stock. Like a constitution, they are the documents that bring the corporation into existence.

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