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The text condenses the discussion on artistic mediums to half a chapter. Green Linen, 1/4; New Pieces, 1/4 ; While many of verbs are measurable such as identify, name, analyze, distinguish, explain, etc., the verb "understand" is used frequently in the outcomes and is not measurable based on Bloom's Taxonomy of educational objectives. "Red lake may be prepared from cochineal, by gently boiling two ounces of cochineal in a quart of water ; filter the solution, add two ounces of pearl-ashes dissolved in half a pint of warm water, and filtered. However, there is no comprehensive index. It win not be necessary to assure those readers already acquainted with Sir Charles's habits of scientious accuracy and patient research that such habits are as vividly impressed on these chapters as on all that have gone before. I did not see any errors or the use of suspect research. I did not find any factual errors in the text, but I did find some errors in image captions (ex: Figures 7.5 and 7.36) and spellings. Holbein introduced the painting of miniature portraits into this country, for although the monks inserted figures in their illuminations, little attempt was made in producing likenesses. Without this context, a novice student may struggle to follow a somewhat disjointed selection of art and artifacts. YELLOW LAKE: There are good visual examples from historical to contemporary. Overall, this is a great introductory text that discusses important styles, concepts and historical context. One issue of concern is that in Chapter 11, every other page is incorrectly labeled at the top as "CHAPTER 10: ART AND RITUAL LIFE." 221-2) in the early portion of the 8.3.3 Sex/Gender Identity section is a great example of answering this question I’ve posed, but I think more of it would add a depth and extend the relevance. 4. The book starts with basic information (what art is, its structure, media used) and works toward greater complexity (various ways art connects to and shapes our lives). I do feel the inclusion of so many art forms and cultures throughout most chapters is confusing however. Reviewed by Michelle Dean, Assistant Professor, Thomas Nelson Community College on 3/27/19, Introduction to Art: Design, Context and Meaning is an appropriate title for this text. In addition, each chapter starts with Learning Outcomes and ends with Key Concepts, Test Yourself, and Key Terms sections. It is true that many of the artworks and artists are familiar and part of a standard canon of Western art and its cultural touchstones. ISBN-13: 978-90-77209-19-6, "The comparison and distinction between different formulations and different production batches of artist materials (supports, grounds, and paints) is useful for conservators and art historians. I think the strongest chapters in this book that any intro to art class could benefit from are chapters 1, 5, and 11. The Flemish School; But which comprehensive survey book is?!) The Netherlandish school, which, in the previous periods, had greatly distinguished itself in the art of painting, ...This element manifested itself in the endeavour to express that spiritual meaning which these artists so strongly felt, through the medium of the forms of real life; rendering these forms with the utmost distinctness and truth of drawing, coloring, perspective, and light and shadow, and filling up the space with scenes from nature, or objects created by the hand of man, in which the smallest detail was carefully given. Download PDF (Google), PDF (32.0 MB) The Essentials of Perspective with Illustrations Drawn by the Author ... "I CALL this little book 'The Essentials of Perspective,' because it seems to me that it contains as much information about the science of which it treats as the artist or the draughtsman ever has occasion to make use of, except under the most unusual conditions. a. "This is one of the yellowish browns verging on to olive, and the shade may be varied by a change in the proportion of ingredients. the Author, "After the salient features of a landscape have been analyzed and recorded in color, the more subtle qualities are to be detected and expressed. ", Historical Painting Techniques, Materials, and Studio Practice I like the overarching themes of each chapter, which could easily be realigned as needed, and the fact that the subunits are of a manageable length. of the berries with 1 oz. Let painting. About The great importance of such a development of the realistic feeling in painting, which had never been sufficiently acknowledged...". There is no index, which make it difficult for students to comprehend some key... Reviewed by Julia May, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia on 5/7/20, I would use this text in my art appreciation/visual culture course. These are contained throughout the book - I would surmise they were used if no Creative Commons image was available to illustrate a concept or technique. One thing I would add/change, is for the images to include the dates in the caption, not just in the text. Download In Daisy Format Only A safeguard against readers following links to sources that may have changed their content would be to insert those images directly into the text, which would also help the reading flow, particularly when two works are offered for comparison, such as Wiley’s and Clésinger’s "Femme Piquée par un Serpent," in which only Clésinger’s is included in the text. The terms being given at the end of each chapter are good and easy for students to find and study. However, I think that some modules could be expanded. This could be further exploited by the addition more contemporary art by the instructor along side more historical examples the text provides. read more. It considers numerous ethical, philosophical, and thematic issues typically left out of traditional survey books. To this end I have endeavoured to explain, in as concise a manner as possible, the various branches of the trade...", The Magic Art, Carbon Pigments and Pigments for Typewriting Machines, Manifolders, etc. I did not find the text to be culturally insensitive. I found this textbook to be very comprehensive. ", Microspectroscopic Analysis of Traditional Oil Paint, by Jaap van der Weerd, Published by University of Amsterdam 06-12-2002, © 2002 Jaap van der Weerd, all rights reserved.

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